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Seasons of Love...

Warning: EMO Post ahead..

As I was running around the park, I suddenly froze on my tracks. The song in my mp3... the first few bars sounded familiar... yep, it is... the song from the movie rent. Seasons of Love. Gosh, what a day to be sentimental. So, I just sat by the swing and looked out at the lake and thought of the last seven months. Was it just seven months? So much has happened and now, it's time to wind down and recollect.

As I began my journey a couple of months back (October post) , I had an inkling that this part of the journey will have its ups and downs. But I never thought that it was going to be ups and downs, then left and right.. and every which direction you could think of. Who could have thought that the past, present and future can be bittersweet.

"How can you measure a year in the life..." ... "how about love :) ".


P.S. I went to the gym, and I had to stop because as I was walking.... I felt tears running down my face. Oh gawd, I will miss this place.. I will miss going home to someone and listening to her mutterings and her kabaklaan. I will miss driving around my alagas, I will miss guru Cads and our ping pong sessions and lunch chuva and the way he confuses me sometimes with his logic (I am a 486 compared to his pentium hahaha). I miss taking care of my roomies. I will miss the trees and the lake. Gawd, I am so thankful for this experience. And I just can't stop crying right now :( But this is good crying... cleanses my soul... huwaaaahhh..


Porsh said…
hey net, melanie and i just finished watching the rent dvd. we were both crying by the end of the movie hahaha. and seasons of love and no day but today have been playing on repeat mode in my laptop for a couple of hours now =)

hang in there, there'll be more wonderful adventures coming your way =)
Neth said…
yes dre, i can't wait for the next leg of the journey :) mwah!

There's no day but today! true! Carpe diem!
Rosemarie said…
Pahiram naman ng dvd ng rent! sakin di gumagana...

Sa totoo lang, drama nga ng post mo hahaha! :) Iyak ka dyan, there are more mountains to climb, and beach to swi..ay sorry, wrong line, di ka pala beach person hahaha!
Neth said…
dre! pagbigyan mo na ako... ngayon lang gumagana ang estrogen ko.. hahahaha :)


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