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Life Goes On...

I was down with a cold last week, I didn't want to stay home because I was aiming for the Health Bonus (Bonus given in our company for those with 0 or only 1 sick leave availed). Sayang din!

It's hard to get sick when you live alone. It helps to have Biogesic and Neozep at your disposal. wehehehehe... I need a kept-boy fast...

One month to go and I'll be turning 28. It should be a magical year for me because I'll be turning 28 on the 28th of September and I was born on 1978, too much 8s... hahaha... yes, I also believe in numerology, 8s and 6s are my favorite numbers.

The search for the next Philippine Idol is looking to be an interesting battle. If you only have so-so talent, then you'll be easily eliminated. We really are the factory of entertainers!

Just some interesting characters (of course, I forgot their names):

1. A cross-dressing man who looks and sings like a girl. I was interested to find out how "she" will be categorized when the…
What we think, we become...

We are put on this lifetime for a reason. If the timing is right, when what we have planned before we were born was rightly executed, the right books, the right people, and the right conditioning will be presented before you. The universe listens; the answer will come once you are ready.

I have learned from the Tarot that a person's mindset and planning eventually shapes his future. I might be loosing my mind, but you can tell by the spread of the tarot cards if a person does not know what he/she wants. I learned that we can shape the future with our thoughts. A person's card spread will vary; it depends on the choices she makes. There is no definite future, there are many eventualities, and what we put our mind into, will eventually manifest.

Be specific with what you like to achieve. So, if you want to lose weight, don't just say, you want to lose weight. Have a power goal, say; I want to reach 140 pounds (yes, that's my ideal weight, and…
Libra Goddesses...

I think it's either I was looking at the buffet table or the dance floor with poging fafas (wehehehe =)). Cutie Cookie, another kindred libran, having a grand time during the Flag House Party. Photo courtesy of Company's Photography Club.

Carry on!
"The Week That Was..."

These words came from the pretty lips of a fab gay:
(He and his boyfriend had differing opinions on money management):

Fab Gay: There are more important things in life like BEAUTY, SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-ACTUWALIZASHYUN...

Fab Hags: AMEN!

Can you blame me for loving gay men?


Yes, I'll do everything for good friends... even watch a scary movie (I have a very wild imagination and I am terribly afraid of the dark). Ordinarily, Anto plus scary movie don't go well together. I watched the Japanese version of the Ring (0, 1 and 2) and up to this day I can't sleep in a room of complete darkness.

"Sukob" has a good storyline. I was impressed by the way they put a "scary" factor on our pamahiins. Kris Aquino will always be Kris (same face in every scene... be it a happy scene, scary scene or a melodramatic scene), thankfully, Claudine was there. The veteran actors like Boots Anson-Roa and Ronaldo Valdez (Janno Gibs (plus 30 years))…
A week of experiences (from Karting to Clubbing)

This week, I was able to go ala-kart ('karting'). We went to Kart Attack near Roxas Boulevard to possibly do a tokyo-drift (wish!). It was exciting (although, I got icky donning the head gear because it was for rent and many people may have used it already in the past). I liked the speed... Although I didn't go as fast as I want to, it was exhilarating.

They should do something with the size of those karts; it is a pain for tall people and for ass-gifted people like me. I was firmly seated at the kart because the seat was completely filled by my big butt. It was fun and I like to try it again. I'll go fast next time and the hell with flipping over.

When I was younger, I remember that I always party hard. I can dance the whole night long (even though I can't dance well, I compensate by having lots of energy!). When I got older, I got tired of that scene and shifted to dinners, movies and arcades. This week, I was abl…
ORA-Kahel Team - WINNERS!



I got the Sportsmanship Award! Why?
- When we lost to a very closely fought game, I cursed to the ceiling "Pu*******"(buong-buo), and threw my racket to the ground. Wehehehe :) Passion for the game!