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The most scenic 10K ever :)

Who could have thought that this will happen? Whenever Guru Cads and I talk about the races we were in, he would tell me how organized and high tech the runs here in the US are. They have pacers, micro-chip chuva and the like and he will always tell me to try to run here in the US when I have the chance. I would always retort that,"Asa pa.... nde naman ako ma-o-onshore :)" So, voila, fate is really good and yesterday, the unimaginable happened, I ran the 10K in the U. S. of A! :) (sniff, sniif, drama!).

I was excited that last Friday, I was all jittery and extra perky! I even bought new shirt and body guard (this helps prevent chaffing!). The day of the event, I was not able to sleep for fear that I won't wake up on time. But I did, and guru Cads and I took the train to go to ever famous Minnehaha park (Nike and I almost jumped off this - we found out that we will only injure ourselves if we did).

The train was full of runners! This is really…
On-shore on-shore-an bow!

Wala akong masabi sa buhay on-shore. Dinaig pa ang Melrose Place at TGIS (sorry, circa 1990s dahil yan ang kapanahunan ko... Mapapanganga ka na lang sa nakikita mong mga eksena... hayyy..

Again, I am doing research on the subject that is life.. and on-shore life is one heck of an experiment..

Reign Over Me

This movie touched a sensitive chord. I was crying for about three-fourths of the movie. Gosh, I am such a cry baby! hahaha.. :) This movie is good and so touching.... Adam Sandler is such a good actor... wahhh... and he made me cry... :( in a good way that is... :)

Two years hence...

I have a detached attitude in life. I may be upset one moment but all my emotions and fancies can come and go just like that, in a blink of an eye. I try to be a conduit of emotions. If I am angry, I fume, if I am sad, I cry and emote, and if I am happy, I laugh out loud. Honor thy emotions! And the lesson I learned just recently, "Don't accept shit from anybody..." Fight for what you deserve! Swerved off topic na naman ako.. eniwey..

So, when my dear I-pod suddenly hanged and died, I was surprisingly not that upset. It has served a purpose in my life. It has been with me when I was with no one. In my long runs, gym workouts, commutes, walking on the mall or just trying to keep my sanity. It has served its purpose and I just have to move on :)

Hay, so I have moved on, and bought a new Trio 1 Gig mala-flash drive na mp3 player. It's cheaper, and lighter. Sabi ko nga, travel light, don't carry extra baggages and you'll be fine.

Shop Girl

Count on two fabulous Libran girls to pick a "thinking" movie for a "Sunday night should have pick a no brainer movie mood". This was chosen because we thought we don't need much neurons to digest this. But no, even on the first few parts of the movie, I can hear my brain cells pumping. This needed my attention. And, surprise! This was based on Steve Martin's book of the same title. Comedians are so smart!

Even if it made my brain bleed and my eyes to moist, I loved the movie... It had me with this line..."Don't worry, I'll protect you...I will..." awww....

I don't know what it is with Claire Danes. But the way she speaks those words, it's like she's reciting poetry. I first observed this when she played Beth on the movie Little Women (my coming of age book). She was not that pretty yet but my gosh, the girl can act! Then, came Romeo and Juliet and she was the perfect Juliet - uttering modern English but she made it so…