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Confessions of a Rebondee - A new MOI!

It has been a week now since I had a total makeover as some of my friends said. Right now, I am experiencing mixed emotions, a little bit of exhiliration and something that I cannot pinpoint. Regret perhaps? I was thinking why it took me so long to decide on this self improvement move that I may have totally missed out on some of the good things that I might have had. But I realize that everything has a purpose and a perfect time for everything. I was not ready then, but I am definitely ready now!

I feel that people open up to me more. They smile at me when they see me and I feel a kindredship (if there's such a word) towards everyone. I now realize that it may have been me. Having this new look may have improve my self confidence thus, people can sense that I am more at ease with myself. Whew! that was a mouthful.

I even feel that people see me, the real ME, for the first time. This I found out when my best friend told me that he liked the b…