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Jason Mraz and Nikki

Dahon sent me this link and she was so smitten by Jason Mraz. Of course, I like Jason but who is that pretty girl with him? Turns out that this is Nikki, winner of Dutch Idol. This rendition was sang impromptu (watch out for the "Thanks Nik" from Jason) and I must say, it's a very charming set. I love Nikki na :)

AMEN! :)
The Philipines and Brazil

When I first arrived here in Sao Paulo, Brazil my first impression was that it feels and looks like Manila but with pretty people all over. But as the days go by, I realized that our cultures share similar traits.

While going to my hotel, I passed by some grafitti, intersections and buildings that looked familiar (parang Boni lang ha!). Then, I was introduced to Brazilian driving. A Brazilian taxi driver will put a Pinoy taxi driver to shame. Yes, we are not alone!

They drive like crazy. When turning corners, they don't slow down (hindi nagmiminor) so if you're a careful driver you'll be hit in this side of the globe. It was like riding a roller coaster. Singit to the max! They have small cars so they can easily overtake buses and what have you. What frigthened me the most are the motorcycles. I saw a motorcycle beat a red light, que horror!

Also, while Filipinos say Hoy! to catch attention or to call someone, here they say Oi! They also love t…
Mommie's day

Today is my Mommie's birthday. I wish I was with her on this special day. But of course she's with me always especially when I am around food :)

This is one of the first pictures that I saw of Karidad, heck, who wouldn't fall for this right? :) Almost a year ago, I always read her profile several times and wished that she would give me the time of day :) I am glad that she did :) I still have to say thank you to the makers of that site.

I know that this is a mushy post but who cares. They always say that we are in the honeymoon stage because we're always happy. I don't want to jinx it but the year that I was with this woman is the best year that I have had in this lifetime well, apart from passing UPCAT of course.. hahaha..

She was everything that I prayed for and I always knew that I'll find her at 30 :) I waited 30 years, and it was so worth the wait :) I have to plan to meet her earlier on the next lifetime...

Happy birthday Mommie! …
My girl days..

I saw these pictures and I can't believe that it was just 3 years ago.. so girly...

Lord, ang kabadingan ko talaga...

Mother Cory

During the last days of her life, she was fondly admired as Kris Aquino's mother. Yes, Kris Aquino is a Filipino Pop icon but Tita Cory is a STAR.

I was still young then and I don't have enough memories of her. I cannot remember the Tita Cory that led the nation to democracy. But what I can still recall is my mom always praising tita Cory for being a simple woman. "Para lang uniform yung suot niya ohh.. hindi tulad ni Imelda."

Yes, that's what I admired about Tita Cory - her simplicity and her strong faith. I think if Ninoy trained her early she could have been a better president but destiny had something better for her. She was not a Hillary Clinton nor a Michelle Obama but she is someone with a good soul.

In this day and age, there are many fashionistas and good orators but only a few people who had her kind of light in their souls...

Rest In Peace Tita Cory... Ninoy is waiting for you in heaven... (I heard that he's playing chess with Macoy :…