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Our voice blog at Bubbly

Car and I (well, I insisted) created a voice blog using the Iphone app - Bubbly.

Here is the link to our verdict of Mango tree restaurant.

Please follow us! Username is of course - amazonangbading :)

Amen? Amen!
Happy Easter and the Female Dichotomy

It's Easter once again. A day when we celebrate how Christianity came to be. Without the resurrection and the witnessing of the apostles, we will not have a solid basis for the Catholic religion.

As I read an article in the Inquirer, I do remember that in the Bible, the first witnesses of the Resurrection are women. Jesus showed himself to Mary Magdalene and as such, the word that he has risen spread. Now, to think that Mary was his consort, we will deduce that this is logical. For him to show his risen form to the person he was most intimate with.

But the male disciples cannot share the power with the female followers thus, as is written in the article of the inquirer "Mary Magdalene and the women's struggle".
Or as Jaime Licauco writes in his column, “Inner Awareness”: “The male disciples and the early Christian fathers could not accept the idea of Christ having a female consort or intimate partner, and that’s why Mary Magdalene ha…