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Birthday quote! :)

From my good friend, dahon... (thank you lolah, for this fantabulous quote from Steve Jobs):

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose."

I love my friends! Sa lahat ng nag-greet.. Maraming Salamat! :) Cheers!

AMEN! :)
News from Gaylandia...

A coming out party on my birthday weekend...
This week, Clay Aiken (the famous eskaparate queen) admitted that he is... hold hands please.. gasssp.. gay. Ok, ok, this has been used several times and I know many writers came up with more drama and brouhaha in announcing this.

So, can we have a big COMING OUT party and invite everyone who we think is still in the closet or in the eskaparate (for those who don't know, eskaparate is a sort of cabinet made of glass, so if you're hiding inside an eskaparate everyone can see that you're already inside, so why hide? duuhh).

And just in time for my birthday.. yey!


Gays as Genetic Machines
I have this thing about statements that go like this:
Anto: Dre or Lolah (depending on who I am that day): I think chuva choo choo is gay.
Dre or Lolah: Nahh, he/she has a son/daughter
Anto: Ngak...

- People, having a child and wife in tow doesn't mean that they're not citizens of Gaylandia. Its citizen…
Turning 30..

I will be turning 30 in a couple of days... and one thing that I think I lost this past year is trust ... trust in people. From now on, people need to earn my trust... I will not freely give it. And... I will not take a person's statement at face value. People have many hidden agendas and I have to dissect what they really want.

I am now more jaded.. but careful. And, I think I am growing up :)


I watched this video and I realized that maybe Ellen and I have the same taste in women... look at the boney structure of Portia hihihi. I am happy that the public seem to accept Ellen and what she represents. The reason is I think she doesn't make a big fuss about being gay. She seems to radiate that it's normal. This is a far cry when we were growing up and my mom will buy me skirts, let me wear my hair long and wouldn't let me join the basketball varsity team or the ROTC (darn, I should have been the Corp Commander... charantiya?) hahaha....

My best friend told me that dumadami na ang federasyon namin. And.... I can't wait to go home :)

"Love knows no gender...."


Just talked to my mama, and before hanging up, she told me, "Wag munang magbo-boyfriend ha? " I almost choked hahaha... she's still in denial... hahaha :)

Eraserheads --- the beatles of Pinoy Gen X

Yesterday evening, while I was inside Alberto's car (with Baby Biancs (soon to have her own baby)), we were listening to the Eraserheads CD and we were chatting about how we were pissed that we missed the reunion concert. In the midst of our nostalgic storytelling, Biancs was laughing when we realized that Alberto and I were in college while she was still in elementary during the peak days of the Eheads.. ha!
Nostalgic Emo while inside the car...

The Eheads band dude, defined who were are and in my mind, I was transported 13 years ago, to the 17-year old moi, in UP, clutching the newly bought Cutterpillow album tape! waiting for the Eheads concert at the Sunken garden. I was so young, and so indealistic.

My favourite Eheads song is "Minsan" because as a UP dormer, I can relate to each word on that song. My UP years were my happiest and the friends I made during that time, I still have with me until today. We don't…