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My ultimate goal is self actualization and I've found out that there are still many things that I have buried deep down about myself (yes, this post is about myself so you can skip this blog if you're not my fan..wehehehe).

- I was not competitive before because I am afraid of hurting the feelings of my opponents. Imagine if I was a warrior in Troy, I'll be long dead before the actual combat. When I was a kid, I really liked to win. I liked to win in nintendo games, arguments, etc. But when I was playing with my younger brother, he will always cry when he loses. So, to keep the peace, I always have him win. I think it became a vicious cycle.

I didn't have the 'killer' instinct during competitions because for me what was important is to keep the peace and to make my opponents happy.

Now, I am a changed woman. I realized that when I don't give my all in a competition I am also depriving my opponents of a worthwhile game. Everybody wins if I let my …
Maximizing the Single Life

Last Thursday, we had a chance to listen to Anthony Pangilinan on a seminar about "Maximizing the Single Life". Oki, he's not single anymore (he's married to Maricel Laxa) but he has a twenty-nine experience at it so I guess he knows what he's talking about. I wasn't aware until that time that Anthony Pangilinan is a motivational speaker. I never thought that aside from Bo Sanchez and Franis Kong, we also have a TV personality in the roster of good speakers on various subjects.

In leadership (feeling naman daw ako!), I have John Maxwell, Dennis Waitley and Robert Greene as my book gurus. I have learned much from them and reading about it really helps. Anthony derives much of the principles that he has presented from Maxwell and Waitley and although one knows them, it helps to hear it and to be able to be reinforced.

At the start of the session, he asked us to write on a piece of paper what we like and dislike about being single and I…
Bravo to Il Mare

I have watched Il Mare and it was beautiful. It took my breath away. The subtleties of the scenes and the acting gave the movie a very romantic feel. Why are Korean Films so sumptuously delicious? There were no kissing scenes, no sex, no overt flirtations but the romance, ah! scenes from "My Sassy Girl", "The Classic" and "Wind struck" came to mind. Scenes that treated differently might be cheesy but came off as poignantly lovely. Koreans will make a killing at this genre. Hollywood directors and movies will be passe; Asian and European films will be the future of cinema.

It would be unfair to compare the Lake House and Il Mare, but in this case, in my opinion the original was really better. In the Hollywood version, I wasn't happy that they eventually ended up together but in the Korean movie Il Mare, I was rooting for the characters to continue their love in the same time zone at least. The cinematography, the music, the beautiful…
Sputnik Sweetheart, Suicide for the Romantically challenged - Aray!

"So that's how we live our lives. No matter how deep and fatal the loss, no matter how important the thing that's stolen from us, that's snatched right out of our hands, even if we are left compeletely changed, with only the outer layer of skin from before, we continue to play out our lives this way, in silence."

- "K" (Spuntik Sweetheart)

Are we really living lives of quiet desperation? Waiting for the next moment, the next high just so we won't hear the deafening noise of melancholy?

Don't read this novel if you're nursing a broken heart. You might find yourself leaping from the tallest buidling in Makati knowing that you have no superpowers.

The Sputnik Sweetheart is a heartfelt novel for me. All the characters I can definitely relate to, especially "K", the loner, introverted secret lover of Sumire. He is her friend and companion and they share their innermost fee…
Random Thoughtsy

The future of Philippine Badminton. These tykes are so cute! Especially when I hear their childish voices call out the score, "eight, zerowww". "Bata pa, kolehiyala na!" Don't be deceived, I bet my bottom pesoses that they can beat the hell out of grownups likes moi in this game. I wish that the Philippines can produce champions like Manny Pacquiao in the field of badminton. That will be the day!


When I heard Sitti Navarro's rendition of the song, "Tattooed on my mind". I was aghast! Wait a monument! What was that? I loved that song and I loved it.. poppy! Not bossa nova! Que horror! I am an eclectic type of girl in music. I love rock but I didn't dig bossa nova. Last I used the term, I was adjusting the accompaniment for an organ rehearsal.

Lately, I read somewhere that she is a kapwa Iska. Well, I am a schoolist (love your own) so I downloaded some of her songs from the Caffe Bossa album. Then, I liked what I heard. I fel…
Superman Trivia

I haven't watched Superman Returns but I was able to catch Jay Leno's interview with Brandon Routh. He looks eeringly like the late Christopher Reeves and if you'll close your eyes he even sounds like him.

That's it! I sensed a vibe, I googled his birthdate and true to form, Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh are both Librans!

Get this, Brandon Routh shares the same birthday with John Lennon - October 9!

Wala lang, there's something about Libran men that is easy to detect. I won't divulge but some of my friends know about my zodiacist theories.


Post-mortem choovah:

I finally was able to watch Superman Returns. Got teary-eyed at the first scenes when the vintage billing of stars was shown and when the theme song was played... arggghh.. superman is really back. Especially the scene at the crystal home of superman (aka - the Fortress of Solitude), the face of Marlon Brandon (Jor L) brought back memories from yesteryears.

For me, that's the st…
Bye-bye fafa Agassi in the Grassy

This is the sporty part of the year - the NBA Finals, the World Cup, and Wimbledon. I wish I have a television in my room, argh!
As I watch the game of Agassi vs Nadal, I was rooting for Agassi and having his wife watch on I can imagine Stephie longing to have the tennis racket to beat the hell out of Nadal.

But looking at Agassi's physique, I know that he can't win this, Nadal has such fire in his eyes, he won't lose.

At the end of the match, Agassi was so teary-eyed, this will be his last Wimbledon game. Awww, that got me. Waaahhhh... (We had a large dosage of Agassi's hair during the tribute, he was so hot when he was younger)...

But 15 or so years from now, another Agassi will hit the Wimbledon courts, imagine the firepower:

Andre Agassi + Stephie Graff = A hot, rocking tennis player