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The End of Poverty

It has been quite some time since I bought a brand new book (not borrowed, not from a second-hand shop). I was supposed to buy a fictional book - something light to read. But I glanced through the bestseller's list and I saw the book by Jeffrey Sachs "The End of Poverty". Being in a very optimistic mood as Noynoy begins new management of RP, I bought the book in the hope that it can offer some insights into how RP can move ahead as the new superpower of southeast asia.

It has been bugging me that we have been surpassed by our neighbors - Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. We have so much potential and we weren't able to put our acts together. Although some wanted to get out of the country to get a better life, but personally, I love the Philippines so much especially the chaos and I want to stay put and go through the adventure of the Aquino presidency.

Of course, one of the suggestions in the book was for IMF to cancel the big debts of impoverished …
Life Happens

A very wise person who goes by the name John Lennon said - "Life is what happens when we're busy making plans.", we too are swayed and pushed from day to day by fate, destiny or Father Time. We get old by the day and our cells die and try to count down to our last day on earth.

This may sound like a morbid post but this is something I think of lately. I am turning 32 this year and as I look at the past years that zoomed by, I can't help but be proud of what I have become.

This is not pride or my narcissism talking but in my own little way, I have chosen my battles well and fought it through with all my heart. I have made concious decisions and changes in my life that may have been difficult at first but has reaped me so much happiness in the end.

It has been my dream to live a life full of love, happiness and contentment. In my 32nd year, I find that almost all of my dreams came true. It just took a little faith and so much determination but the Lord has b…