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"Accoustic Lullaby: Isang Pagdiriwang ng Buhay"

With Dahon's permission...

"My friends are having a fund-raising um, "concert" -- better yet, jamming session this May 16, Saturday over at Navo Bar in Ortigas. The benefit is for the baby of our good friend Jo and Onnie, whose son is now gallantly struggling to breathe on his own and toughening up to meet the 1.8Kg expected so he can get out of his incubator as soon as he can (he's now 1.5Kg, few more!). The cost has put a strain to their family and we are hoping this is an effective way of helping them and we hope you can join us. Please super-poke/wall-to-wall/text/
twit/email/talk to me for more details on how you can contribute or if you need details and simply want to get in touch with Jo or Onnie to offer your support. Thanks so much! "
The newest Gay Icon - lady Gaga

After Amy Winehouse, we have a new gay icon in Lady Gaga (aka Christina Galera) in tangga.

Find Alma Moreno-neque dance moves! :)

Smoke Free and Running Divas...

Happy Easter! I know I have been blogging about this ever since but Lent is the Christian holiday that I am most passionate about. I dunno why. Maybe, it's the deep Catholic teachings of my religion teachers, my mom's strictness about Good Friday (patay ang Dyos anak, wag maingay) or my propensity to like anything to do about personal sacrifice and agony (yep, martir kung martir ever ang drama).

As part of my personal sacrifice, I did not smoke for the duration of the holy week, and damn, it felt good. So, as part of the healthy lifestyle, I therefore, QUIT SMOKING!

This is also related to the new running event that Vanene and I would like to join, the Microsoft IE 8 Launch on May 24 - we're doing the 12 KM run! Vanene does not know it yet, but I think we will! I am targeting a 12 lb weight lost to run this on my target time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Yes, kaya namin itoh!

Apart from smoking, I am also going to stop (que horror) eating chocol…
The Pinatubo Student and my Kulasa Years

The Pinatubo Student...

I always tell my friends that the education system failed me. My high school years were a joke. It was the time of Mt. Pinatubo and Lahar when I was in secondary school. I remember vividly that during my second week in high school, Mt. Pinatubo erupted heralding the Jun - August sabbatical and three times school week because our school became an evacuation center. Que horror, we also termed our school "Ebak-uation" center because the smells that came off the buildings were really, really bad!

Instead of school buildings, we had our classes at the Pampanga Sports Center and UST (Under the sampaloc tree), no joke! How did I survivie? I survived by self-study - I didn't rely on my problematic teachers (they have their own household concerns). I just read books during the long weekends (what else is there to do?)

Why did I not transfer schools? Why did I not go back to St. Scho where I already spent eight years…