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Brazil - Starlet Haven

Sao Paulo, Brazil - What made me excited about going to this place is the comment in one blog that people just go here to eat :) Yes, for a food lover like me this is good enticement. Go to Brazil for the best food!

Aside from the good food, of course, pictures of sexy women in two-piece bathing suits playing beach volleyball really made me giddy with excitement to go to Brazil. Yes, Brazil - the land of Gisele B√ľndchen and Havianas. Go na itoh :)
But it's not an exaggeration; it's really a place full of beautiful people. I think there are more gorgeous women here than men (straight girls also observed this). From the plane en route to Brazil and the Karaoke place that we visited, there are many beautiful women all over the place from all shapes and sizes. And that sexy accent will really make you swoon and just stare.... without blinking.
Portuguese Brazilians are so warm and friendly. And I think they don't have any inhibitions whatso…
Thoughts of you...

It's hard to be separated from your other half. It dawned on me on an 18 hour non-stop flight. I wished she was with me, holding me, and lulling me to sleep. Watching a love story movie doesn't help. I had to control myself from crying. It's hard especially when you see a spectacular sight or just listening to the beat of Brazilian music. I wish she was with me so I could see her chinky eyes become chinkier. I miss her smile...

I miss my Mommie... I miss my Buta-san... I miss my porky... I miss my baby...
In My Life...

Vaneney gave me a booklet entitiled, What should I do if I only have 30 days to live? My mind went totally blank because I can never think of anything that I wanted to cram about. "Travel?", Mommie Car told me. Yes, of course, travel but I have this notion that when I die I can travel to the places that I want to.

You try the exercise, it's not an easy task I tell you. But right now, when I think about it, I have no regrets about my life and if I go right now, I know that I have lived a good life and I tried to be the best person that I can be. I have no unfinished business and I think this is the life I planned when I just started. Of course, I always think... "The best is yet to come :)".

As I think about the last 3 years, I can't help but be grateful for all of the experiences and people that I met. It's true that I had my bouts of depression, self pity and anger against my family and life in general. But I know that it was some…
Cool Videos

This music video showcases good choreography, cute girls and the ultimate girl power :) After watching the official video, watch our very own Cebu Prisoners do their interpretation of the song. Nice program by the warden and I bet that the warden is so gay! :)

Wondergirls :)

Cebu's Wondergays

Enjoy! :)