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Meet our Good Morneeennggggg Bibe!

I can't help it! I am starting to have a weird affinity with Bibe (Congee's the mami, I am the ninang - we're looking for the dada!).

I went home, the lights were off on our apartment, when I turned on the lights, Bibe was on the table, seemingly smiling at me. I said (out loud ha..) "Nice to meet you Bibe! We finally meet!" Tapos, I shook his/her wing (still debating if Bibe is a he or she).

I played with him/her and I can't remove the smile from our face. Two laptops and Bibe at the center.... hahaha :)

mwah! He/she got Congee's pouty lips, and he/she got my big butt :)

* Good Morneeeeeng Bibe is the second cousin of Good Morning Towel :) Kulet!

Chasing Thoughts...

- "What is St. Patrick's Day?"
- "It's a day when people get drunk and party..... "

Hmmmm, my favorite Europeans are ... The Irish and The Germans... Beer, beer and more beer! hahaha..

- "A good person but not a good man."
- Yep, there are many boys of this type. They're good people, very kind, asteg kasama but the way they treat women? You want to weep.... But my stand is if you know what you're getting yourself into then go. Just something to keep in mind, if he was able to do it to his ex then probably he can do it to you. Maybe no, maybe yes, but again, hope for the best and expect the worst.

- "If you're meant for each other, you can't hide it."
- When you see two people and they eeringly look like they were made for each other, it makes you want to smile. And it's funny when the other person tries to deny that there is a future there. He/she tries to shrug it off and yell, no! no! n…
I have gone postal :)

Guru Cads pointed out that this is common:

"Going postal is an American English slang term, used as a verb meaning to suddenly become extremely and uncontrollably angry, possibly to the point of violence. The term derives from a series of incidents from 1986 onward in which United States Postal Service (USPS) workers shot and killed managers, fellow workers, and members of the police or general public. Between 1986 and 1997, more than 40 people were killed in at least 20 incidents of workplace rage. Following this series of events, the idiom entered common parlance and has been applied to murders committed by employees in acts of workplace rage, irrespective of the employer; and generally to describe fits of rage, though not necessarily at the level of murder, in or outside the workplace."
Perfect Weekend

Last Friday, I was so excited to watch the movie 300. I was trying to persuade Congee to watch it with this line, "Imagine 300 absses (plural? hehe)!"

And I was not disappointed with the movie. I liked the cinematography; it has the same feel as that of Sin City. As guru Cads informed me, this was based on a graphic novel. This was definitely better than Troy. Sin City + Troy + Macho Dancer... yahoo!

It illustrated military strategy (it showed how you can beat a large army with hilly unfamiliar terrain and great fighting skills). It makes you think of the wonders of the human body when properly trained for war. But Xerxes (the god-ruler of Persia who looked like a heavily made-up drag queen) was painfully distracting. He was not beautiful enough! hehehe...

But some of the scenes bored me like when they try to be profound. I fidgeted on my seat, "Stop the talking and continue with the killing!" The movie has great action scenes! It makes you want to g…
My heart, my heart, my heart

Congee and I had another MN moment, watched the final season of Grey's Anatomy Season 2, oh my gulash, so heavy to the heart. When they've played the final song, "Chasing Cars", I realized... "What did I do?" :(

Funny, I think I am a natural mommy. Hahaha.. :) I like to cook, to clean and lately, I realized that I like watching a kid running around the place. Suburbia and domestication, hahahahaha... hayyy, life.

Mapquest and Google Map

One thing that I find truly amazing here in the US is their efficiency. Everything can be done online! On my goal to be a good driver (so that on my retirement I can have my own taxi and drive cute yuppies along Makati wehehee, I'll just take that route thank you...), I have been hitting on all the time.

This is not easy feat since I have bad, and I say bad sense of direction. I even get lost inside the mall hahaha... But I found out that driving can sharpen one's sense of direction (spatial skill). It helps that they also have words instead of drawings to get from point A to point B.

Hay, in the Philippines we don't need mapquest as much because there is always a manang or manong sa kanto to ask... "San po papunta sa Edsa?" :)

I-snow I-storm

Working from home is such a blast! Well, I didn't have a choice because I can't drive on the snow confidently yet. But, the view from where I am working is excellent. There is a tree (of course walang dahon), and the snow flakes (many to mention) just falls and I am hypnotized.

The only thing that I am uneasy about working from home is having easy access to the food :) hahaha... :) This weekend, I am going to ask brownie mommy Consi to bake a chocolate cake for me. Seeing that I had my fill with Nuttela, she just shakes her head and shrieks.. "Hindeh!!!!" Thinking, thinking of a way to persuade her to bake me yummy brownie... hmmmmmmm....

An exchange that I feel we'll have for the rest of my stay:

Anto: "Dyan nagsisimula yan.... yiheeyyy...."
Congee: "At dito rin nagtatapos.... "
Anto: (thought bubble - "we'll see.... parang I don't want to be a statistic lang yan eh ... " wink, wink)