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Little Women

I remembered this line from the book... (uttered by Beth before she died to her beloved sister Jo)...
" I don't mind staying home... but I don't want to be left behind."

This is life I guess,
"We're on the road, moving from place to place, and oftentimes when I am about to call it home, you have to move along, life is a constant change."

I am just so sad... :(
"Why we run and the art of belly bouncing"

Lately, I acquired a very good book on running at Booksale for only about 75 pesoses. The title is "Why we run". It's a very good book on running. The author was an ultramarathoner (gosh, I never knew that there was such an event.. a 100 KM run... the number itself is quite daunting).

It has a nice cover and nice explanation on how animals including humans evolved to be good runners. I didn't concentrate much on the animal biology lecture. I was more interested on the man himself... (Bern Hienrich) on how he conquered his physiological limitations to become a good runner.

This may seem crazy but a dream was instilled in me. Well, for a hefty individual such as me, running a marathon (42 km) is near to impossible in my mind. But what if?

It's a goal worth taking I guess. "Bahala na si Batman!" I'll try to train and let's see if I have the sheer guts to do it. I don't want to beat any record.…
V for Vendetta and si Pia-Pia Cayetano

I participated in the Pinay Walk/Event for the Women's Foundation last Saturday. Of course, I ran the 10 K again so it smells like Ben-Gay in my cubie again. But it was fun.. and I think I've improved... looking forward to the New Balance Run.

Pia Pia Cayetano is pretty! She's tall and lean. I never expected her to look that good in person. Gosh, I have to always say her name two times.. Pia 2x... just like her jingle... hihiihi... Maricle Laxa and her hubby were there and so was Rockets. (Ronnie Rickets). No Richard Gutierrez though :(

I grudgingly dragged my butt with my bro to watch V for Vendetta. I prepared myself to be bored to death but lo and behold.. what was that? It was a good and decent movie. I liked it very much! I think this is the redeeming movie of the Wachowski brothers.. after giving us Matrix 2 and Matrix 3 .. que horror.. they should give us something substantial.

Favourite line in the movie:
"The people should no…
Love Song for No one...

As I was going home one night, I was listening in my ever-reliable I-pod some 90's love songs... when my mind tuned in to the Bryan Adams' classic "Everything I do".

I smiled because that song was my "theme song" during my strong infatuation with my crush in high school. Then all of my "major" crushes since elementary came flashing in my mind together with the love song that I dedicated to each of them in my mind and heart (naks!) during that time of kabaliwan:

Grade 5 Elementary -
Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx

High School years (yup, I only had one crush during my high school years) -"Everything I do"

College Years (Yes, I know, I have a thing for long crush periods.. only one object of affection but different from the one from high school) -
"I Knew I loved You" by Savage Garden

Working Years -
"If you're not the One" by Daniel Beddingfield

Lately, my theme song is: Carousel by Paramita..…
"Capote and going Cold-piggey...

What was this week like? Well, I learned much during this week and I also tried to break some bad habits. Hopefully I am strong enough to maintain it.

First off the bat, I watched the movie Capote and I was stunned. Stunned on how good an actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is. My gosh... is that the person I always mistake for Jack Black! I saw him in the Talented Mr. Ripley and Red Dragon but that's it... Capoosh! no lingering thoughts about the actor. But in Capote... he really deserved that Oscar.

What another viewer commented is so true for this movie...
"The film is so good and so intriguing that questions such as that, and what happened to the writer that Capote lived with? and did Harper Lee write anything beyond "To Kill a Mockingbird?" and did Capote's presence at the execution lead to his alcoholism, his lack of further writing, and eventually his death, and other questions will send viewers to Google as soon as they get …
"Quirky Alone Together! "

Sometimes even if you're as independent as you want to be, there can be doubts that will gnaw on you because it's 12 midnight and you're in your own room... of course quirky alone with a book in your hand and reggae music in the background. You don't mind, honestly you don't. But then, there's this comfort as you read words such as,"Loneliness is the pain of being alone while solitude is the glory of being alone."

As far as I can remember, I don't mind being alone. I can go to movies alone, in college I learned to eat alone in the school cafeteria and to just have an alone time, a gimik to treat myself - browsing at bookstores, listening to music stations at record bars and having coffee and reading a book at starbucks. I just like being alone. Sometimes being with people overwhelms me. Especially loud and aggressive people, I stay away from them like a plague.

I am a highly sensitive person (another book altog…
This is so me!!! ...

PEOPLE LIKE US: THE QUIRKYALONES by: the original author

I am, perhaps, what you might call deeply single. Almost never ever in a relationship. Until recently, I wondered whether there might be something weird about me. But then lonely romantics began to grace the covers of TV Guide and Mademoiselle. From Ally McBeal to Sex in the City, a spotlight came to shine on the forever single. If these shows had touched such a nerve in our culture, I began to think, perhaps I was not so alone after all.

The morning after New Year's Eve (another kissless one, of course), a certain jumble of syllables came to me. When I told my friends about my idea, their faces lit up with instant recognition: the quirkyalone. If Jung was right, that people are different in fundamental ways that drive them from within, then the quirkyalone is simply to be added to the pantheon of personality types assembled over the 20th century. Only now, when the idea of marrying at age 20 has become th…