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Best and Worst of 2005

I was inspired by a recent topic from RX, they asked the listeners what they think was the best and worst of 2005. Well, personally I have a list of both ends of the spectrum for the year 2005.

1. Gained new friends.
2. Mulawin the Teleserye
3. Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
4. Paramita and Bamboo! Rock en Roll!
5. Time Traveller's Wife (basta I've read it in 2005) and Million Little Pieces
6. Icon Magazine
7. Learned new sports
(Soccer, running (a.k.a 10 K Run) and was active in sports (basketball and
badminton - RBL, RBO).
8. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
9. Aveneto (Glorietta)
10. Mongolian Barbeque Restaurant at GT Tower (the best adobo flakes!)
11. Encantadia
12. Once on this Island the Musical
13. Richard and Raymond Gutierrez
14. Comeback of Mariah Carey
15. Heller, choova... (new words!)
16. Resurgence of OPM bands

1. Lost some friends.
2. Mulawin the movie.
3. King Kong
4. Cueshe (no offense)
5. Sam Milby!
6. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
7. Lovers br…
"Double the pleasure, double the burn..."

I wish I could do this... an early New Year's resolution perhaps?

"Double workouts have an added appeal: They increase calorie burn. Even after you stop running, your metabolism takes a few hours to return to its resting level. So when you work out twice a day, you get the calorie expenditure of the two bouts of exercise, plus the double postexercise boost."
"Mulawin failed to simulate LOTR..."

Waaahhhhh... I was so disappointed with Mulawin the movie! Even the sight of Richard Gutierrez didn't give me joy (and that's something!)... it was 2 hours that I should have spent combing my hair, or finishing the final chapters of the Historian... how could they desecrate my beloved fantaserye!

It failed miserably (in my eyes anyway)... they tried the LOTR formula(another desecration)...

Sample Scenes...

"Allies came in the brink of utter defeat... elves thundering to save Helm's deep?... but wait... it should be an ARMY!!! and not 5 encantados! It's a pitiful sight :(

Of course.. I should give A+ to Dingdong Dantes for doing an Aragorn... (yup.. his character in Encantadia is conspicously copied from Aragorn, (Ibrahim(aragorn) and Ibarro(strider))...

"Arwina severely wounded... and wakes up in Rivendelle! no, wait she wakes up in Encantadia! Argh!!!! Migraine in my left temple.... "

"Aguiluz also severe…
"It was the night before Christmas..."

Pre-Christmas and Pre-New Year nights at our house always involve movie marathons. It's either "the sound of music", "the lord of the rings", "the matrix", but tonight we get to watch a very beautiful and entertaining movie musical from 1952, "Singing in the Rain". It has Gene Kelly on it. He's so handsome and talented! I was entertained and I was astonished with his energy level! Gawd! It's really a good film. Men those days really know how to dress... and they're not queer!

Hayyy... another Christmas... we're going to watch Mulawin and Exodus tomorrow. How exciting! :) Well, we have to find happiness in every way we can... even if it means watching a bunch of people singing and dancing in the rain... :)
December is a month for happy time displacements...

I know all of us are hurrying from one reunion to the next. We're not just rekindling blood ties but also relationships with our old and present friends. I feel that I am in a sort of time warp... talking about our college days... comparing battle scars we have acquired from the past year... complaining about weight gain / weight loss (I wish!)... and other stuff...

Of course, in every gathering there are people who have other plans so what do we poor ole attendees to do??? Talk about the absentess! Wehehehehe... :)

But above all things... it's good to see the faces of old friends... they're still the same people we knew but with changes...

Baz Lhurmann's wisdom: "Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young."

Welcome home Rish,…
My poor old knees...

This is a "walang-kwentang" blog but I just would like to take this out to the universe of www's and http's... "I think there's something wrong with my knees. :( " I am not that old but yesterday while playing badminton I had this pain in my knees... then when it was time to go home, I dreaded it because my room was on the second floor and I had to take the dark stairs to get there! Each step was freaking painful! Gosh, I don't want my knees to fail me... maybe I am taking them for granted?

When you're younger you don't care... you run, you jump, you play... you don't stretch before exercising... but there comes a point when all your physical sins catches up on you! I think it's time to try Qui-jong or yoga... but I am so stiff! Hayyy... Baz Lhurman's words are true!.. "Be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone." Amen!
Last nite's close call

Gosh.... all the memories of the past months flooded me poor memory and I was left in a disarray of emotions... basta, I listened to this song.. and it konek-konek na...

Carousel (I Miss You) by paramita (shameless plugging)

hey, i thought of you today
i thought that i should tell you
how much i miss you
remember what you used to say
"friends forever, i hope that we'll remain this way.. oh.."

all this time, i've been thinkin' bout the way we used to play..
you're everywhere i go i can't escape you,
i miss you..

can we put the blame on the changing times?
where have all the years gone by?
so fast, so young,
so sure that this will never end
i'll always stand by you, my friend
but forever was just too long..
I wish you the best, I have forgiven but forgotten? The brain remembers by association as a wise man said, when I'll see you I'll just remember... so for now... I just can't... 'Til next time...
Choco-Posts and Thoughts

The Champ of my heart...

Ira - hayyy...

Bamboo and Ira!

Waaaaahhh... I am still at adrenalin level 10 as a result of my head-banging and almost direct encounter with Champ of Hale and Bamboo & Ira of Bamboo (the band) during our company Christmas party! I was at my rock-rockan outfit complete with leather wristband (Erap is that you?). My brother is a Haler so by transference I think I was made a Haler even if I don't like boy bands. Bamboo is so energetic and his skin is so flawless! Kutis Papaya!

I haven't been in a mash-pit (is that how you spell it?) since college but yesterday I was transported to those good old days of sardine-cacophony of people, and of course smells! You have no choice but to jump because you'll be squished if you don't move.... Well,,, I've seen worse... (queue of people enlisting for a slot in a PE Subject) ... but I enjoyed it! Rock & Roll!!!

I have yet to win a major prize in a company raffle... next year …
Rediscovering the wonderful world of Rock...

For the next year (2006), I am bent on studying good films, great bands and imaginative writers. I have been refreshing my songs on my old-reliable I-pod mini. I've added Wolfgang (I don't know if they're still around), of course John Lennon (recently brought the Definitive Lennon CDs... good buy in my opinion), and the ever reliable Dave Matthews band. I know that my musical tastes vary and these days, I like head-banging, alternative music to keep me awake (I hate the cold weather, it makes me feel drowsy).

I've consulted with guru Cads on what music I will pop on me head next. I should be on the lookout for Nina Gordon, and Led Zeppelin CDs. In the OPM scene, I am now a certified Paramita fan. I like to try out the Radioactive Sago Project and UP Dharma next. I just saw Eli Buendia on Myx, he has a new band - Pupil. He looks 'dermatologized' - he now has good, clear skin. Good for you Eli! :)

Itchyworms is tryin…
Manila Film Fest Bonanza...

Can't wait for the showing of "Mulawin, the movie". I think we will see not only Mulawin veterans but also people from Encantadia... I hope questions will be answered with this film...

"EVIL forces have begun to wage war on two peaceful kingdoms, in hot pursuit of a precious life force. Hundreds of fairies and winged creatures take to the forests, fields and the sky to engage in the land's biggest battle. The good-hearted ones try to obtain the force to save an ailing sage but the dark forces steal it, and succeed in resurrecting the kingdom's most powerful villain.

In the middle of this failing battle against the evil forces are two lovers - Alwina and Aguiluz, heroes of the half-bird half-men tribe of Mulawin, who have relinquished their immortality to spend the rest of their lives together as humans. But tragedy separates them and erases their memory, shutting them out of their mystical kingdom and putting the entire Mulawin rac…
Interesting weekend...

Last Friday was Cris (H-less) 24th birthday! Contrary to popular belief, he is only twenty-four. Conchita and I went to the party hosted by his badminton buddies. It was fun! The food was delicious (Thanks to manang lita!) and our hosts were very gracious and accommodating. I had to explain to expats what a "Lulu" is and maybe it's the wine but I didn't expect the words to define it to come out of my mouth... HAHAHA!


Saturday was a girls' night out. Dahon and I went to watch 'The Blossoming of Maxi'. Seeing the two of us inside the theatre you would think that I was the one who haven't watched the movie yet. I enjoyed it even if it's my second time to view the film. It's that good!


We were to meet an Aussie by the name of Gracie. We haven't met her before but of course, thank God for mobile phones and we were able to see her. She is such a sweet girl... (ok, I don't have to ru…
"In the presence of her demi-goddess Ms JZ!"

The Book Launch of "Manila Envelope: Dispatches from the End of the world" was held at the Fully Booked bookstore at the Powerplant Mall yesterday - December 8 (yup, the death anniversary of another soul brother, John Lennon, ok, I was born two years prior to his death so I can't say that I am his reincarnation (whew! Blasphemy!) but I think we're connected somehow, fellow Librans unite!)

This book is a collection of essays by by Carlos Celdran, Randy David, Uro de la Cruz, Conrad de Quiros, Lourd De Veyra, David Guerrero, Ambeth Ocampo, James Hamilton Paterson, Ige Ramos, Matthias Urban, Alfred Krip Yuson, and of course, JESSICA Z!

So, coultrophobic clown and I braved the dismal weather and the unusual exit time from our dear office to meet my psychic twin sister (ok, I am in danger of being maimed and slapped a hundred times because of this comment but what the heck I am a book groupie and proud of it!).

"The sage works quietly,
seeking neither praise nor fame;
completing what he does with natural ease,
and then retiring.
This is the way and nature of Tao."

I don't know if this is a good guide in life. It's not an excuse to just dream one's life away but for me I think this works so far. If something seems difficult to attain I don't pursue it. The universe seems to contrive that what I am aiming for is not according to my life's path.

Possessions don't mean much to me. As long as I have food, clothing, shelter, books, films and music I am just fine. I think this was caused by growing up in Laharlandia. I was a witness on how material things that were put up by people I knew and even my own family can just disappear, just like that. Having many things to pack and unpack also hinders one's mobility in life. I was made aware at an early age that this is not permanent. What's important is that you can just pick yourself up and run if the need aris…
"Dreams, dreams... "

I had a funny and weird dream last night. I dreamed that I was doing the deed with a friend. The funny thing is that my friend doesn't go for members of my team.. (if you know what I mean). I had this funny sensation at my back when I woke up. When I told him about my dream, my gosh, he nearly ran out of the building! HAHAHA!

I also had a similar dream, also with a good friend. This friend also bats for the other team. Gosh! What does this mean????

I don't mean anything by this... I just thought that this was a very entertaining story to enlighten an otherwise boring day. It certainly made mine... HAHAHA!

Major stressors in my meandering existence...

I am a cool and collected person. Few things rock my world. I always have this balance in my life wherein I don't go from one extreme emotion to the next. I can gauge when I already reached my tipping point and then I go back to state 0 - state of inertia.

But of course, in life you can't control the environment in which you try to exist. Work can be source of imbalance but that's my means of survival so in time I got used to it. So, I go back at end of day to state 0 everytime I am tipped to a rattled state.

Badminton matches can also rattle my nerves especially if you're on the third set (deciding game) and you're opponent is already at match point. But afterwards I am back to my jolly, old self again. It's just a game so my blood pressure returns to normal after a nerve-whacking game.

But Shopping??? Gawd! I've always said and written about my allergic reaction to this activity and as Fish-Ces told me, "Sh…
"Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Aspeto ng Pag-ibig at ang Storck"
(The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, Aspects of Love and Storck)

This weekend has been as refreshing as the scent of Baby cologne or Angel's Breath. It started off last Friday when Porshee Spice and I got a chance to watch one of the best Filipino films for this year, "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros". It's a coming of age movie which not only focused on the gayness of the central character but delved on the Philippine society. It will jolt you out of your complacent, apathetic view of where we as a nation are heading. WATCH IT! You can forego, Harry Potter IV (it's that good!). If you could only watch one movie for this week watch this film!

Memorable lines from the movie (taken from Anto's memory):
"Tay, ba't hindi na lang kayo magbago ng trabaho tulad ng iba" - Maxi
"Anong gusto mong gawin ko, magtrabaho sa factory. Kumayod parang kalabaw para sa kakarampot …
Thoughtsy Galore...

It's a friday! Maong day! Yipee... well, we have to enjoy this because this will only be for this month. I wish we can wear maong (denim jeans) everyday to work. That's my ultimate workplace! It's like college again but of course, I get paid for doing work and wearing groovy stuff (groovy? shocks.. circa 1950?)...


Listening to a newly discovered alternative band.. "Paramita"

Check out this lyrics from their song stillness...

Can you look upon your life without regret?
can you look me in the eye and say..
"I know you so well, you can't live to tell,
can't possibly survive coz you don't know how."

you're silence means nothing to me
I am much braver now

Cool! Their lead singer (Ria) is also their drummer. I remembered Karen Carpenter during her early years,singer/drummer.. and a woman at that! Totally awesome! An added bonus? Ria is a Gemini... really have a soft spot for fellow air signs. Another thing that caught my atten…