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"Love has an inescapable harshness."
Hearing these words I am now back to my dreamy, romantic self (I am a Libran and I think this justifies my glazed look right now... ). Looking out the window with cumulus clouds, thoughts, mainly happy ones come creeping on my head. Lines like these make me feel alive and I think is vital for my survival. But I really have a fave love quote: "I don't hate you enough to love you." This is truly one of those things.. a little bit of both I guess.
A Thrilling, Morning Rush...

December 04, 2004 - Yehey! After almost nine years of being awaken by my two virtual radio companions I finally get to talk to them and see them weave their magic. I was with 'Kirk Patrick' - (is this how it is spelled)... the ever active rusher, thank God Kirk is well known in the rusher's world, that I had the nerve to actually go there!

Chico and Delamar!!! I finally got to talk to them... in the flesh! My gosh, I can still remember the days when my heart is throbbing preparing for an exam in college and I would listen to the radio in the confines of my "boring"house and I would laugh like crazy!!! I think they were one of the reasons I survived my sanity in college.

After college, there was the lull, when I was a bum for about three months and listening in at 6 am was one of the reasons why I would wake up early and just go about my day. This I am really sure, saved my sanity!!!!

When I started work up to now, that's about 5 …