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Showing posts from March, 2004
I have let them all go. In life, there's this realization that you cannot force love to another person even if you like or love them with all of your heart (or so you think). It's their choice. So now, I am picking up the pieces. I am learning to be whole again without searching for that piece to finally complete me. It's a totally unfair chore for that someone to fill you up.
There's more to life than finding love - romantic love that is. There's so much to learn, to experience and to achieve. All is needed is the strength and the determination to make a difference in life.
Borrowed lines -

"its so hard to love someone too much and learning to love the pain that goes with it... that even if you learned to let go of the person... you still go on missing the pain you once felt (and there it goes... you fall again) "
There was a time in my life when I’ve thought that there could be someone out there meant for me. I have so many failed attempts in loving and pining for someone where I feel a tinge of attraction. But sad to say, I have miserably failed at this endeavor. Finding love is a futile chore.