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Hooters - No gay guys here!

When I heard that there was a Hooters bar at the Mall of Asia, I immediately asked Nike, Pochie and Rorie to go eat there! I loveeee their 911 chicken and of course the chicks :) I had no expectations with regards to the women because I saw an article that had a picture of the Manila Hooters girls and I was not impressed (choosy pa me!).

Upon entering, I was amazed that there were many thin, tall, girly Hooters girls! I think I am going to make this a habit. :)

We ordered the 911 chicken. Although the spices used are the same I find that the chicken meat itself tastes different. They're not solely chicken wings so the flavor didn't go all the way through the meat. But no complaints, it's close to the real thing. If you're craving for the ever famous Hooters chicken, then this is a good deal.

Then, I was surprised when the girls lined up in front and started dancing! Hmmm...this is different. In the US, the girls only take your order,…
Lez in Drag...

When it was confirmed that I was going to be a reader on Mark and Consi's wedding (yep, I recited the Love is, love is verse), I already asked permission from the bride (Mark) if I could wear a suit. Waaahh, Mark was adamant that I should wear
a dress! I don't know why but he wanted everyone to dress his/her biological gender. The guys that read the first reading and responsorial psalms are gay men and I was the second reading... so, kabaklaan talaga ang wedding! :)

I digress, so me on a dress... while I was still in Minneapolis I was racking my brains and also my friends there to find me a dress. Gerry bears, Manang Let, Lilipot and Mommy joined forces to help me find the elusive dress. I found myself inside a gown with too much sequins. Que horror! I was already ready to faint. I was not successful on my search at the Mall of America.. but we had a hearty meal at hooters that day.. yum!

Fast forward, a week later... my plane landed in Manila and it's now 2 …
My star...

I saw her again and the usual reaction - she took my breath away and my knees went weak. She is more beautiful than I remembered and I am at my wit's end on how I can make her cross over.. hahaha.. But again as my friends say, "She is who she is, you can't change that.." I can't hope for something that might break my heart in the end. But there's still this fighting urge inside of me that I can reach my star if not in this lifetime, maybe the next one? :)

She is the rod by which I will measure every girl that I'll meet. I'll just content myself for now on seeing her everyday and doing everything to make her happy.. I know, very Rem-like (death note shirigami.. in short.. martyr! haha).

Hay.. why can't it be? "The universe shall unfold as it should.."

With the falling of the leaves I bid Adieu

(photos courtesy of Momon and Mommy Alyza)

As I drove along I-35WN, I could see Downtown Minneapolis from afar. The city is beautiful. It's not New York nor Chicago but it is a charming city that has a special place in my heart. Maybe because it holds so many memories for me. This is the place that I called home for six months this year and 8 months the previous year. If not for its infamous winter chills, I would love to stay here for good.

In retrospect, this is the perfect time for me to leave, the chilly winds are coming back and the colors of the falling leaves match my new hair :) The humid air of Manila is calling me back and the piper is ushering me to go home to where my heart is.

It's true that I measure time and achievements by the people that I meet and the moments that we share. As one movie quote goes, "I know what the secret of a good life is, friends... best friends..." I could never find the perfect partn…
A new me...

Let's try this one... :) Another persona that I have kept hidden.... the hell with the consequences...

Are you ready for me? :)

Just felt like sharing this story, I dreamed of someone I don't know a couple of days back. A stranger ... Then, I saw that person't picture just now. Strange.. really strange... perfect replica of my dream down to the shirt...

Universe? What are you trying to tell me? :)