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Lowlah Madonna is back!

She's back! Well, she was not really missing from the pop scene. I think she became relevant again when her songs were featured in Glee and everyone had to bow and remember that she was indeed the "Queen of Pop!".

As Chico mentioned in his blog, "her madjesty" is back in her fighting banat face form. The work done on her is so good that you can't really tell if it's really a result of a vegan diet or surgery that made her skin so youthful despite her age. We all have to remember that she was belting "Like a Virgin" when we were still in pre-school!

This is a safe song with repeating melody that will make it catchy the first time you hear it but will make you cringe once you hear it in daily rotation in your Ipods. But I do hope that she show the Madonna wannabes ("lady gaga" ,"katy perry") what is it truly like to be the Center of Popdom!"

Long live Madonna! :)

Amen? AMEN!