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Chicaaaggoooo Goes!

The memorial weekend is our first holiday here in the US. So, what to do but to do some road tripping! :) Chicago again after two weeks (ginawang Baclaran and Chicago).

I am tired now but I must say I really enjoyed my trip. I loved the museums! I saw the self portrait of Van Gogh and I was totally in love with the "Garden of the poet." Here is a rundown of must see museums in Chicago:

Chicago Art Institute

Guru Cads asked me, "if you're going to explain Van Gogh to someone who doesn't know art what would you say?"

"I loved Van Gogh because of the vivid colors of his paintings. When I first saw the Starry, Starry night painting, I was hooked."

The colors just bounced at you. They're alive and vivid. And it makes me happy just to look at his paintings. Ironically, he lived a very tormented and lonely life.

At the Chicago Institute of the Arts, I bought my first art prints! My roomie gave me this painting of Van Gogh (The Bedroo…
Hazy Chicago Images

Dre and Pareng Jordan

Anto with Dinasaur Chuva

Wedding at the Park

Wedding Entourage hanging out at the Sunken Garden version of Chicago
Seasons of Love...

Warning: EMO Post ahead..

As I was running around the park, I suddenly froze on my tracks. The song in my mp3... the first few bars sounded familiar... yep, it is... the song from the movie rent. Seasons of Love. Gosh, what a day to be sentimental. So, I just sat by the swing and looked out at the lake and thought of the last seven months. Was it just seven months? So much has happened and now, it's time to wind down and recollect.

As I began my journey a couple of months back (October post), I had an inkling that this part of the journey will have its ups and downs. But I never thought that it was going to be ups and downs, then left and right.. and every which direction you could think of. Who could have thought that the past, present and future can be bittersweet.

"How can you measure a year in the life..." ... "how about love :) ".


P.S. I went to the gym, and I had to stop because as I was walking.... I felt tears running down my face. …
The mind and its capabilities

What we think we become and life is a script that we can write and then act. There are ways to make it more interesting ,and dramatic. It's scary when you know the end when you have no idea how you will get there.


I just feel bad that there are people who just think of their own comforts. Well, it's just me I guess. It's true, people who are so immersed on themselves are not worth the advice and concern... oh well... waste of energy.

If you think only about yourself, don't wail that you don't have others to support you when the inevitable happens.

Revenge can be sweet... I will enjoy watching how this will turn out. :)



Thanks rose! I know... love, peace and beauty.... and it got me through... thank you for reminding me for what we stand for. This on-shore experience had brought out what I don't want to face... anger, and fear. I faced them and I was at my worst. But of course, I am now back to my old self.

All is well and I am so looking forward to going back to reality! :) See yah guys soon! :)
Chicago lesson

It's true that if you want to know the person real well, travel with him/her on an adventure trip.