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Nice picture.... got to think of blog entry...

Starry night
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. I found this picture in one of the blogs I was reading. So, I just typed away and hope that what I've written will make sense.... I am writing this in a semi-stupor state....

I am still reading through the Enneagram book and even if I typed myself as a 9 (Mediator), I can't help but see myself in each of the eight types as well. I think almost all of us have a trait or two from each of the types and I think the most dominant one is the only personality type that we are aware of.

Type Four (Tragic Romantic) People are fun! Their preoccupations are startling:
1. An attraction to the distant and the unavailable. Idealization of the absent lover (so true, I think I give my crushes godlike characteristics sometimes...)
2. Impatience with the flatness of ordinary feelings. Needing to re-intensify one's feelings through loss, heightened imagination and dramatic acts (A drama queen!).

Problems with type 4s?

It's a universal feel…
Some thoughts on a sleepy afternoon...

I watched “The Interpreter” yesterday. I must say that I was surprised on how much I liked the movie. The story was just simple but the actors were stupendous! Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman were such dynamites! In the first few scenes, I had a hard time disengaging the character of Sean Penn from Sam (I am Sam movie)…. But as the movie progressed, you can clearly feel the pain that he’s going through. Nicole (as Coultrophobic Clown told me) is the next Meryl Streep. She can really act! Nice accent! If you could close your eyes while she was talking, you cannot discern if the speaker is colored or Caucasian. It’s a gift to have actresses such as Nicole who can not only act with such conviction but who also posses an ethereal beauty.

It must be the eyes! Nicole can now act with her eyes. (Nora Aunor is that you?)

I was surprised when my seatmates (one was a guy or gay? hmmm.... and a girl) began to stiffle their crying. Imagine that, a suspense movie …

Go Slamglam! and Energy Empath experience...

Go Slamglam!
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Last night, for the first time since the season started... it finally happened! I was able to maneuver the ball to go inside the darn hole! I was able to make a shot! My name finally made it to the scoring board... Nettski... 2 pts! They were all laughing because it seemed like I made a championship shot! I was jumping for joy.. inside the court mind you.. hehehe.. But it was fun!

I finally was able to meet the famous Bong the Empath. It has been a year since Dahon was very passionate about persuading me to go see him. She was right. He was so good! What made the reading different from Lance's tarot card reading was the vivid, dreamlike images that he sees in your energy. Instead of staring at tarot card images, you get to interpret the images that he sees (aura power to the max itoh!)

Scary... I was really conscious in filtering out the thoughts that are going/streaming in my head. God knows, if he can read minds. He's ver…

She's Back!

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Our U.N. Girl is back from New York! Lo and behold a more curvaceous and vivacious Amanding!

In June, she'll be Mrs. Amanda Wang. O diba parang veejay.

I've learned new terms/wedding choova from our blockmates:
1. No appearance/No show wedding
- Aba, pwede pala itoh. A blockmate got married without going to the munisipyo or church. My Gosh, I could even get married to Lance (mr psychic see below) without him knowing... hihihi... you just have to shell out additional pesoses and lo and behold you're husband and wife.
Lutheran husband + Presbytherian wife = Civil Wedding... I guess nobody wants to give in...

2. Catholic girl + Buddhist husband = Catholic wedding? Yup! It can be done, all you have to do is to sign a clause that the couple's children will be reared as Catholics. No pressure to convert the husband. But of course, I think Buddhist people are more adaptable in terms of religion because Buddhi…
I miss my anchor.... and thoughts on Romancing Venus...

As I was doing my morning routine and listening to the poem "I Love" (Album: Romancing Venus -- good buy! Highly recommended - especially for women like me). I am reminded that I seem to be missing something. I don't know what or why... but as I listened to the various female artists I recognize that I miss my anchor.... my base.... People who keep me grounded.

As an air sign, I am a floater - not the kind that gets stuck in the toilet but a person who has a very weak grasp of reality. There's this council (as I would like to term them) who are made of practical, conservative people who kept my feet planted on the ground - who pulled me down and helped me analyze things from a logical perspective. But now, poetic justice seems to have taken over. I am again in my comfort sphere again. Healing.... analyzing.... planning... dreaming... hazy... but life - as difficult as it is, will never be the same.

Raves on Roman…

Rock-Rockan sa Fort!

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Last Wednesday, we got a chance to watch the performance of three of the hottest OPM artists ... Sugarfree, Kitchie Nadal and Rivermaya! Of course, the cool part about the event was that it was for free! It was fun!

I loved Ebe (reminded me of Eli Buendia), Rico (I was not a Rico fan before, I even cringe when I hear their song in the radio but watching him perform gosh... I am a Blanco convert!) and of course Kitchie (reminded me of Avril Lavigne's performance) fairness she's prettier in person but it was like listening to her CD , no spiels, not a change in tune, give her a year and I bet she could be a bona-fide rocker performer! I could truly imagine the P.U.P rock concert event when she walked-out of the auditorium because of the rowdy crowd. A true elitista! She truly belongs in the recording studio more than an auditorium.

Well... Listening to Awit ng Kabataan, I am reminded of my youth. But of course, body age …

My new blue I-POD!!! Love ko itoh!

My new blue IPOD!!! Love ko itoh!
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Last Saturday, I woke up earlier than usual for a weekend morning. Texted Dahon and Coultrophobic Clown, my head filled with excitement because I am going to have my own... I-PUD!!!

Dahon and I went store to store in search of the Holy Grail --- I-pod (green for her, blue for me... and with a SOCK!).

First Store --- No more blue or green 4 Gig I-pods, and No socks....

Second Store --- Yehey, there is a green 4 Gig Ipod, there's a blue one as well... and with socks! But alas, Citibank Credit card not accepted. grrr... (sayang, cute pa naman the guy who assisted us.. oh well)..

Third Store --- Boring Store, All of the above as Second Store (but the guy wasn't cute... hihihi)

Fourth Store --- There's a 4 Gig Green I-pod, no blue one.. Oh well, I can take any color... as long as it's not PINK! But the blasted manager was very mataray, and we (both Librans) felt her unkindness... and for what? I-Pod so…
Good news from my poging brother !!!

--- He's finally graduating from college!
--- He won a brand new Nokia 6630 (yes, the itlog fone) in a raffle! Lucky guy! I am so happy for my bro! :) So kewl!
Tarot card reading in the hands of Piolo-lookie-lookie...

Last Friday, as Coulrophobic Clown and I were enjoying a meal and eagerly awaiting our past life reading; he was eyeing me... (ok, he was eyeing us...) Then, of course, out of my peripheral vision, I was already checking out his buff bod and nice, cherry lips. He definitely looks like Mr Dreamboy-Piolo Pascual! Then I could hardly believe my luck when the waiter said that the person who's doing the past life reading wasn't there and we were ushered in another table with Mr. Piolo. Ok... heart-a-beating.... thug-thug-thug... I calmly seated myself across from him and so began our tarot card reading session.

I can scarcely remember all that he told me but a vivid image was his very concentrated look and I can really tell he was having a hard time. Having only two words in my head clearly was of no help. During the reading the words "ANG GWAPO!" is running a thread in my cerebrum. I think he was able to read his m…
Ennegram Test.... (Personality Profile)

I am a Type 9. What type are you?

Main Type Overall Self
Enneagram Test Results Type 1 Perfectionism ||||||||||||46%Type 2 Helpfulness||||||||||||||||||78% Type 3 Image Focus |||||||||| 34%Type 4Hypersensitivity |||||| 26% Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||||| 74%Type 6Anxiety |||||||||||| 42% Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 26% Type 8Aggressiveness |||||| 30% Type 9Calmness|||||||||||||||||||| 90% Your main type is 9
Your variant is social Take Free Enneagram Personality Test
Zodiacs and personality types...

Since I've learned the different personality profiles of the different zodiac signs I have been mentally categorizing people and making notes of my acquaintances, friends, co-workers, classmates, teachers and of course, bosses in terms of the position of the sun during their birth. Dahon have a wonderful term for it... I am a Zodiacist!

It's true. I have been practising the art of knowing a person's sun sign from his/her facial features and also from other clues. And if all else fails, knowing their birthday and much better information -- the time of their birth! It's a handy knowledge I tell you. For a Libran such as myself, who of all things like world peace and harmony, knowing personality types is a great way to blend and to understand people so an not to avoid conflict. And of course, we use it to better analyze situations and people and to act accordingly.

I know understand why a certain person pisses you off for no particular reas…