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Don't cry for me Argentina.... Ole... ole... Ole!

Last Friday, we trooped to Greenbelt in the hope of watching the Argentinia vs. Germany match on a big TV screen at NSG. Imagine having the face of Ballack in all its glory on a full screen TV. But alas, the stars were against us, as there were many people who were already standing outside of this resto to watch the game.

I must admit, I watch football for its poging players, but that night I think all the Manila expats were there. I even saw a Weasley twin look-a-like waving the German flag. Promise! He looked like them, even the hair!

We went to Red Box first to watch the game, imagine, we went to Red Box to watch a football game. Mga adik!

Then, I found out how business can be cruel. We were scheduled until 1 AM but the game was extended to 30 mins. So what are we to do? We went to NSG and amidst all the people who were shouting "Argentina, Argentina.." I can only wave a fist when Germany makes a goal during the penal…
My hair

Oki, my problem for the past few weeks (ok, I had this problem my whole life...)... very mundane, but for someone who's carrying almost 5 pounds of hair, it can be a little bit irritating.

Especially when you're on a meeting and your own boss gets scared because you look like someone from the pages of Greek Mythology (Medusa Oblongmata - bow!).

Rebond? Nope, not that way again.
Shave? Seriously thinking about it.

Grrrr..... what to do?
Random Musings

I loved the movie, The Lake House, well, 98.87% of it. The ending ruined it for me. Keanu and Sandra's on-screen chemistry is really evident. They create cinema magic when they're together. I am a jaded old ass, but when I watched the movie, kilig to the max ang lolah! Keanu is so good looking even if he looks more mature now. Neo has grown up!

Some spoilers:

This movie brings up the time-space conundrum chorva that I had when I watched "The Terminator." If time is an element in the movie then, logic... fly out of the window. I am not a physics major but this might be possible given the additional dimensions of the universe patiently explained to me by Fafa Gerry.

Favourite Romantic Scene?

Yep, the picture says it all, a discussion about the novel Persuasion.

Memorable Line uttered by darling Keanu (Alex):
"She's more real to me than anything I've ever known... "

My favorite scene (overall):
When they seem to be talking together, but th…

Parang mga champion?

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Oki, we didn't win the championship, but hey, A for Effort!

Alin-alin ang naiba?

back shirt
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Oki, I am just trying to model the shirt.. .. right? hahaha =p
The hardest words to say?

I've read somewhere that the hardest words to say are:
"I love you"
"Help me"

But I think one of the hardest things in life is to say those words and get this as a reply:
"I love you" .... "Thank you"
"Sorry" ..... - Silence -
"Help me"..... - Indifference -

So, sometimes you have to gauge if saying those three words can make up for the pain you'll get if you get the three replies.
Walang usapang tatay -- Emote post

Tomorrow is father's day and of course, there's this feeling of guilt again at the side of my psyche. Why? Because I am not sure if I know my father and what creeps me is that I don't know if I love him. Of course, I love him as my father (you would think I am bad if I said that I don't love him)... but how can I express it... I don't know if I have fond feelings for him. That's it... background music.. "I don't know how to love him.."

His presence in my life is a blur, all I can clearly remember was the time he taught me how to ride a bike. Other than that, he's just like a favourite uncle who I get to see once a month for the last 18 years. Imagine the unsettling feeling when I get to see him every week when I go home to the province.

Enough of that, there are things that we should slowly get use to, I guess this is one of those. And I found out that this sentiment cannot be understood by everyone, "isa …
Why Football????

Why not? With hot guys like these, who wouldn't sacrifice a few hours of sleep? (not all in the picture... )

1. Michael Ballack of Germany
2. Rafael Marquez of Mexico
3. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal
4. David Beckam of UK


The best videoke place in my opinion is Red Box. I love the food choices on their buffet. Forget about dieting even for just one night and relish the food for your soul's delight.

It also helps when you're with the best singers. Good food and an exciting concert performance for one night. What a blast!

Perfect 'C'ombination:

= Cometa + Conchita + Coultrophobic Clown(ba't nde ko naisip yun agad? hahaha) + Chicken Fillet

Best gift...

The best gift that you can give someone is hope... :)

I pray that I will continue to have hope and faith... whatever happens. Cliche? But I guess it's true.

Random thoughtsey

I really realized that I have not been my true self for the past years that I have been playing badminton. I was afraid to be competitive and not to show my irritation for a failed shot. But last Saturday, I realized that badminton is a battle of wills and one must not be afraid to show aggressiveness and competitiveness.

During the semifinals, I psyched myself to give my 110%, no guts no glory. We won the semis! But darn it, I forgot that there is still the next game. I didn't reserve anything for the next game, the result, we lost the game before it began. I folded mentally, oh well, but I could really say that our place was well fought and I am excited for our next tournament.


It's the NBA Championships. I haven't watched the NBA for quite a while and I was surprised to know that Shaquile is already playing for the Miami Heat. Antoine is still ever reliable. Dallas has a black coach! I may be a little racist but in basket…
Personal Lessons and other stuff

1. The best advice comes from personal experience. If the universe gives you a challenge or an obstacle and you were able to hurdle it, expect people with the same problem to be in your circle.

The Force will guide you to the people that need you and also to the people who will teach you the way.

If the universe gives you a hidden enemy, be grateful and thank both the enemy and the universe. The soul that chose to be your enemy at this lifetime was the entity closest to you that you trusted to give you the vital lessons in this journey.

2. If you like to lose weight fast, decrease carbo intake... if you were able to do this, please tell me how.

3. You need to "soul charge". If you don't, you'll be drained!

4. Adrenaline and Endorphins are good! At a low, grab the nearest chocolate bar.

5. Love people without expectations and you will be loved in return. No expectations, no worries and no attachments... AMEN!
Some random thingeys...

We say "Goodbye", to realize the beauty of "Hello". There are no permanent goodbyes, for each person we meet in this journey becomes a part of who we are. Then, there's this thing call the next life (as in next lifetime). If we don't meet again in the span of this lifetime, there's always the next lifetime and the next and the next... the wheel of life is vast and we would see each other soon.

The collage of the New Balance runners, Vanene, Philip Morris and Moi. On to the next race, the feast is over... hello to diet and running...

Watched X-Men III, the Last Stand with dahon, a little apprehensive if she'll fall asleep :) but hoorrayyyy... thanks to the magic of a blockbuster movie, awakey! It was a delight to the eyes, loving 'Beast' and 'Archangel'.

I liked it more than the Da Vinci Code.