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Some Random Thingeys...

I loved the movie Star Trek! When the first shot of the starship Enterprise was shown, I was in awe. I was a huge fan of the Star Trek 2nd Generation Series and I had a great desire to don the Star Fleet uniform. I wanted mine to be Red like Commander Ricker :)

I watched the original Star Trek on a couple of months back and I can't help but wonder how different Captain Kirk and Captain Picard were. Captain Picard has a serene presence and he exudes such competence that you know he could tackle even the bad boys of Deep Space - those Romulans.

I watched a couple of Star Trek movies also and I think there was a movie where Spock and Data interacted, it was such a sight to behold. I think I am going to be a Star Fleet officer in my next life!
I fell asleep during the first part of Angels and Demons. I don't know if it was because it was late or because the movie really sucked. The good thing about the movie was I got …
My Cinderella

It was October 2008, and I was in Minneapolis doing my last minute shopping. I remembered to stock up on rubber shoes since we all know how pricey they can be here in the Philippines. I bought a pair of Sauchony running shoes a few months back and they were perfect for me.

I went to my favorite sports store where they still remember me.
Attendant: You're back! Wait, size 8 right?
Toni: Yep!

Without glancing, I got the shoes, and I didn't try them on anymore since I was in a hurry. Besides, it was the exact replica of what I bought previousy,just a different color.

When I went back home to try them on, they were too big, size 9. Oh well, I didn't have the energy to drive back just to return the shoes. Besides, I can still wear them if I wear two socks. :)

Fast forward time about 3 months:
Toni: Hey Car, want to play badminton?
Mommie Car: I don't have rubber shoes, I don't play badminton regularly.
Toni: What is your shoe size?
Mommie Car: …

I know that I have strong intuitive abilities and I can sometimes see the future. You may call me crazy but I do believe that each of us holds the gift to be one with the universe and know where we are situated in the scheme of things. We can see the future and we can alter it if we strongly believe something. I had a bout of futuristica last night, it was so strong that I can't sleep.

This is my dilemma, how to act when I know how it will turn out. But as the song goes, Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be... And I still hold the power to alter it, that flash is just one of the futures that I can choose to create.

Whatever happens, this I am sure, everything will turn out for the best. Sometimes we feel that destiny does not work but when the chain of events fully unfold we can just scratch our heads and mutter.. "kaya pala..." :)

Jai Ho!

They're back and they're coming here! Sheett.. I can't contain my excitement! The Pussycat Dolls live in Manila! Nicole, Nicole! Puso ko, puso ko...hahaha..

I love their new music video, Jai Ho. It's been awhile since they had a big hit and I noticed that Nicole has a new set of backup dancers (not new Pussycat members). I am not sure what is written on their contract but not one member is in focus in the official music video so you cannot really discern the faces of the new Pussycat Dolls.

As Mommie mentioned, "Nicole is Pussycat Dolls..". I laughed when she told me a story of a kid who when asked what here name was she answered.. without batting an eyelash.. "My name is ... Nicole..." Pati kaya yung hangin nakuha? hahaha =p

I can't wait! :) Jai ho!