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A night of music and love

It's becoming a tradition between my bro and I to watch musicals during Christmas eve. Last year I think we watched "Singing in the Rain", and last night we watched
"Rent - the Musical". Oh gawd, I didn't know what hit me. I watched the Philippine production of this musical with Monique and Calvin Millado and it was just ok. But seeing it on film and reading the subtitles, I fully understood every song, every scene.

I think I watched the scene wherein they sang "Seasons of Love" a couple of times and I want to watch it again and again. The timing was good since the movie started December 24, 1989 and lasted until the next year. About a year of love for eight friends. It will really hit you, it will make you think -
"How do you measure a year... how about love?"

Memorable Lines:

"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss
No other road, no other way
No day but today."

"I can't control
My destiny
Welcome Back to the Chaos of Manila

I am back to the pollution, noise and the cacophony of space that is Manila (generic name for the Philippines). Hay, I miss this kind of chaos. The unruly crowds, the dilapidated bus (the one I rode from Manila to Pampanga), and the one I really missed is the heat that causes excessive sweating. Gosh, how I love to sweat!

Hay, I am having major displacement syndrome but I know I will adjust as the week progresses but funny, I now miss Minneapolis! hahaha.. I miss having my roommate 24/7 with me, the apartment, YWCA, the friends we hang out with and of course, Haskells! - the local liquor store.

For every experience, there must be a playlist of songs that you will have on your mind, a soundtrack of the events that transpired. Right now I have 4 songs that make me reminisce about Minneapolis. These songs are always on our friends' radio when we ride with them so these are the songs of Minneapolis 2006 for me:

1. Smack that
2. How to Save A Life
3. Cha…
A weekend of fun - Part three

Again, we thank the heavens for the good weather (temperature above 30 degrees) and we were able to walk around New York wearing light gear - sweater or jackets will do.

Some thoughts about NY at night:

- Akalain mo, may mga kalat sa paligid. Yep, I thought I was in Manila when I saw the pieces of newspapers strewn around the city streets. Hayyy..... this made me feel so much at home.

- Akalain mo, ang daming tao na nagkalat sa kalye! Yep, I was a part of a SONA rally, Edsa dos, Edsa tres and UP PE enlistment so crowds or hordes of people around don't scare me. But etoh na yata ang pinakasosyal na dami ng taong sumiksik sa kin. The people crossing the New York streets are so coolness. They have to have traffic patrols to direct the pedestrian traffic.

- Akalain mo, may version sila ng Giant Parol ng Pampanga. Lights being shown in the beat of the music. Pero sosyal, kasi sa building siya ng SAKS nakailaw. Please see below:

- Akalain mo, galit ang mga Amer…
Commercial muna

I am sorry, this excites me... can't wait to watch this with my bro.

A weekend of fun - Part Two

Saturday morning - Woken up by a text message - Normita. Normita! Gosh, how time flies and we're going to meet a fabulous girl that is really "kakaiba". Mornie (as the Kuya Benj of Nike calls her (naks, nakiki-kuya na rin ako), is really a fab girl. The IT Girl of our company during our time.

So, from Jersey where we are staying with the Viloria clan, Kuya drove us to New York. The drive from Jersey to New York takes about 30 minutes and once you approach New York, OMG! You can feel the electricity in the air. It's not my imagination, the city is really alive! The energy is palpable! I like Minnesota but I missed the energy of the Philippines. But New York has that energy and more!

I was really tempted to walk out of the car and just walk around. The city is alive I tell you. It's like a place that has a vibe of its own just like UP Diliman. There's something wondrously alive - it has a heart!

I have to stop my meanderings, anyway, t…
A weekend of fun - Part One

Last night, Nike and I, were giddy with excitement because we were flying to the Big Apple! New York, New York! The place that John Lennon fought to stay for the last years of his life. If he liked it there, then being an egomaniacal person that I am, I know that I can surely feel what made him want to stay there even if it caused his death.

Three states in One night!

I have been lifting weights for the past month or so, not knowing why I had this sudden urge to build muscles. Gaining weight is inevitable if one transitions from a warm weather to a very cold state such as Minnesota. I decided that if I am going to gain weight, I must gain it mostly in muscle. So, I started to lift weights to the point when I can lift almost five plates of metal and 15 lbs of free weights.

When I saw our luggages, lightbulb, that's why! Carrying those huge luggages could have been a hurculean tasks if I didn't have much practice in free weights. It was effortless, the …
Thoughts galore...

My roomie and I will be going home for the holidays in a few days time and I can see that she is very excited. She has prepared her luggage and she has this big grin on her face.

We will be going over to Manila via New York, the big Apple! Thank heavens Nike was able to book the flights. I can't wait to experience for myself what the fuss is all about.

My roomie

Now about Nike, which I have shared the last two months or so, and again for the next four months next year.

I know that I have always been a loner and I have fought to overcome it during the day but when evening time comes, I am back to my authistic self and thus, I live alone at my apartment in Manila so as to spare an innocent person of the confusion of living with a person with N personalities.

Here in Minnea, Nike came and tanan! I found out that if the personalities matched, rooming can be fun! She is the ideal roommate for me I guess. She lets me be, which is a big plus because sometimes I don…
One hot chick...

Marilyn Monroe, even back in 1952, was the epitome of the modern woman. She was a Gemini :) Multifaceted, so this must be personality number ???
Grey's Anatomy

We're still on a DVD marathon mode, after Gilmore Girls (which we stopped for awhile due to someone's inability to read the subtitles because of ahhh ehhh...ssshhh), Nike has purchased on a price cut season 1 of Grey's Anatomy (yes, Nike is the shopper of the household, hands up!). Grey's Anatomy rocks!

I liked Scrubs in a funny way but Grey's Anatomy is guilty pleasure (in the league of Seventh Heaven and Touched by an Angel).

Why did I like it? I am not so sure, but I love the ensemble, their personalities and their quirks. It's just a bunch of cute doctors, with emotions, feelings, and imperfections. It's a show about being human, flawed but wonderful.

It made me realized that I am not alone in fearing vulnerability, of walling myself as not to get hurt. How do you keep people at a distance and live with yourself knowing that you're going to be alone for the rest of your life because your fear of getting hurt is so bad that you hav…