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Insane week

We have experienced our first Thanksgiving feast! Our thanks to Carlo (my Cabalen) for the sumptuous feast! Yummy... This onshore experience has really been a massive electric jolt to my system, mala-CPR that really made think of life and what it has to offer.

I can't blog all the happenings of the past four days. It was both hectic and fun... but I just have some phrases that I will never forget....

1. You can either have - controlled chaos or calculated risk. I was always a fan of controlled chaos. There is an order in my insane world.
2. Shopping and Anto, hard drink and Anto -- really not good combinations. If you want to throw me into screensaver mode, either have me shop or let me drink hard liquor with beer. I found my way to the bathroom floor again and someone knocking on the door.... this happened before!
3. Why do events and circumstances cycle back? I thought I was through with this. Not again... I am tired of running... Arghh... fate has a quaint sense of humor…
Gilmore Girls..

Nike and I are having gilmore girls dvd marathons every friday. Bought 3 seasons for a price cut, $15 (originally priced at $40+) - not bad! When I saw the DVD with the price cut, I remembered one person who really liked this series. I was sorely tempted to buy the set for her. But times changed, I sometimes miss the days when I will be so excited to buy this or that because my friend would be happy. Argh, I hate my pride... :(

Aside from Starry, Starry Night, I am loving the colorful paintings of Van Gogh. I don't understand the strokes yada-yada. I like the colors and curves - bakla siguro si Van Gogh... :) Visit this gallery -- Van Gosh
Sculptures + Anto = Kakaibang Art

Nike and I braved the cold weather to do some photo-op. The snow is coming soon so we went to the Sculpture Gardenand the Walker Museumto get some culture. And, at the same time, we created an art of our own.

See the great artist Anto (my depiction of the sculptures):

= Anto, with a goddess... Maniacness!

= Anto, prophesizing with the ancients

= Anto trying to get something from the invisible man

= Anto, playing soccer with a ball of twine

= Anto and her big mouth

= Anto, trying to spin the spinner

= Anto and Nike, pano toh ginawa? katakot!

= Anto, nde na kinayanan ang call ng nature... ate, bawal ba d2?

= Nike the tweetums actress, with the famous Cherry on the spoon sculpture...

= Anto examining Prometheus' hemorrhoids

= Horsey, are the rumours true???

= The artist Anto, ruminating what great art they have done... AMEN!
Bless us O Lord....

I have been warned that Minneapolis is a provincial town. But we were assigned to downtown Minnepolis which is the counterpart of Ayala in Makati and it's great! We can walk to go to the movie house, the grocery store, the office, run to the lakes (which took me about 2 and a half hours - sorry Cads) and it's so quiet and urban. People here are so nice. They alway say "Hi, how are you doing?" Gosh, all the pleasantness is melting my harden heart. Libran paradise! If only all people in the world can be polite!

Anyway, we attended a volunteer work for the Salvation Army sponsored by the company. We painted a hall for the homeless. In fairness, the Salvation Army exists! It's a place where people who are in need of assistance get it - food, warmth, a roof over one's head, treatment for addictions and a friend to talk to. I was touched when the social worker told us that "We don't push people away, they're always welcome here…
Waaaahhhh... I looked at the weighing scale and I looked at Osang the Vixen, "Is it broken?" "Nope" - she said nonchalantly. Ohmytoblerone!!!!! I gained almost 10 pounds in the span of 3 weeks.waaaahhhhhhhhh..... isa pang.... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Pray for me, I need divine intervention. :(
Random thoughts...

This weekend has been great! The weather was amazing! This was the first time that I didn't shiver when I went out of the apartment building. Days like these were made memorable by great people and good weather.... perfect combination!

- This is the life! Exercise, exercise, run hard to build an appetite. "Pagutom para maraming makain!" We prepared much for our buffet meal by playing intense badminton, running a few rounds in the indoor track and of course, looking at cute people! :)

- The Mystik lake buffet was good. I liked the turkey, the dessert and the coffee, yummy! They were going for the Vegas feel but I am not much for casinos. I get dizzy with lots of people.

- Yes, I have been going to mass regularly for the past three weeks. The universe might be teaching me to have a more structured spiritual life. I think I am making up for past absences. I liked it when it was not expected, it's much "bukal sa kaluoban" and the great choir at …
My first Barnes & Nobles Purchase....

A good buy in Barnes & Nobles or any American bookstore I think -
hard-bound, hard to buy.... they're cheaper here especially those that are bargained-price...

Many more to come...
A day in the life... thoughts running...

My roomie and I have a rhythm going. We had our days scheduled on who's washing the dishes, preparing the food, doing the laundry and even lounging on the sofa. I have folded my laundry, and Nike is in the kitchen washing today's breakfast dishes. The gym was packed this morning (than usual) so I stayed to ogle at some guys.... wehehehe... Apparently, the cuter guys go to the gym at night, so twice a day at the gym is not that bad. :)

Nike and I both love chocolates so we're planning to hit Target center for the choco clearance sale later.

Now, I am looking at a fantastic view of the city. It's getting cold, one of those days when you should wear gloves when going out. We're taking the skyway, it's either the skyway or nothing.

This is just one of those days that you'll look back to when you get gray and lock up on your wheelchair. Haaahhh.... this is the time to make some memories....