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Rides, Laughs and Wetness

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading.

February 25, 2005 – Edsa Anniversary – GA Team Building - I took a break from leafing through my books and off I went to the other end of Luzon… from North to South – from Laharlandia to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. This is my third time to go to EK – first as a na├»ve college youngster, second, as a much older and wiser gal and now, as a cuter and sexier moi… hehehe.... :)

As usual, I have no plans to ride any of the scary and gravity defying machines. I only want to ride the bump cars, watch a movie in Rialto and of course, eat and ogle-ogle some cute guys. Although as a Libran, I am a member of the Air element cardinal sign, I am so scared of heights. I am also scared of the water (but I do take a bath – Yes, I do!) and I am also slightly claustrophobic (crowded elevators and caves give me heart - exertion cardio big time!) - (yup, phobias... I have a lot of them). So, I just laid out a plan to just sit it out and maybe eat some…

Thankful Anto....

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. These past few days have been a peaceful recluse. A sabbatical... a long one... even if I was at work for two weeks, it felt so light even with our favorite person (wink-wink).

I am so thankful, I had a surge of gratitude when I opened my "corporate" email. Our company is now having good sets of community events and projects that are so cool! Free use of badminton courts, gym areas, discounted concert tickets, and now.. a free concert!

I am looking forward to the Woodstuck in FB! Sugarfree, Rivermaya and Kitchie Nadal! Looking forward to some, headbanging.

-- PS Got a chance to watch the male contestants of American Idol. Gosh... they're so good! Many cute guys this year!

A day in the life

A day in the life
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. (Tone - ala Carlo sat beside me today.. )(Background music from 24 --- the ff. events took place from 3 AM to 9 pm of February 19, 2005.)
***FBI Warning, this artik is in ala morse code English-Tagalog. Bear with me... for a larger view of the pic --> just click on it.

Dear diary,

3:00 AM - still awake. I am typing the formulas that we will submit to our professors for our MBA exam. Omigod! Can I edit all of these on time?

3:30 AM - I can't take this anymore, finish or not finish, I am off to bed.

7:00 AM - Woke up. Climbed out of bed, dragged a comb across my head... (borrowing words from Sir McCartney). Watched CNN while having breakfast... hmmm.. interesting so Bush is having trouble in Iran.

7:15 - 8:00 AM - Bath, choova-choova ching. I look civilize na... and off to my classmate to give the formulas.

8:15 AM - 10 AM - NLEX - Gosh, the fare increased! 79 Php from Laharlandia Pampanga to Mantrade!!!! Taga-taga talaga.

10:30 AM…
Formulas Swimming in me head.... argh!

Vo = [CF1 x (PVIFk,1)] + [CF2 x (PVIFk,2)] + …. + [CFn x (PVIFk,n)]
n n
Bo = {I x [ S 1 / (1 + k d)t ]} + {M x [ S 1 / (1 + k d)n ] }
t=1 t=1
Bo = [ I x (PVIFAkd,n)] + [ M x (PVIFkd,n)]
n n
Bo = {I/2 x [ S 1 / (1 + (k d/2))t ]} + {M/2 x [ S 1 / (1 + (k d/2))n ] }
t=1 t=1
Bo = [ I x (PVIFAk…

Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine - John Lennon
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. "God is the concept by which we measure our own pain."
"I am the walrus."
"Life is what happens while we're busy making plans"
"Women are the other half of the sky."

Immortal words that were uttered by a wonderful, charismatic, Libran Man. I have been a Beatles fan since I was thirteen years old... their music was the reason why I signed up for guitar lessons and begged my mama to buy me a guitar even if she thinks it's un-girly.

Sure enough, the member of the fab four who caught my eye and captured my imagination was John Lennon. Of the four, I think I can relate to him more. His ideas were astounding and his concepts -- I can readily accept. Peace, love, books and poetry! This man lived for Libran ideas and sensibilities.

Like Kurt Cobain, their short stint on earth, heralded them to immortality. Taken at the prime of their life, rendering them youthful and vibrant in the minds of …

Bulag sa Dilim

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. My friends can attest. If we go to a movie house and there's a flight of stairs, lola Neth should be guided to where she should go. For she cannot see in the dark!

I know, everyone can't see well in the dark... but my vision at night is really terrible. My eyes have difficulty adjusting, the pupils (because of my myopia) are not that efficient in sending information to my brain. That's one of the reasons why I can't drive at night. For the life of me, the only instance I drove a car at night, I was counting on instinct and when my dad found out, he banned me from driving at night! HAHAHA!

I am reminded of several observations I've made with some of my office buddies:
- Scoliosis - sakit ng maganda at social (ex. Padilla girls (zsa zsa, lorna t)
- Color blind - sakit ng mga gwapo at may dating (ex. Gabby Conception and Hugh Jackman)
- Dyslexia - sakit ng genius? (I am not so sure about this but famous dyslexics include Ein…

A mirror of twisted roses....

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Feb 14, 2005 - The nation was sent into a turmoil of disgust and grief. The day that should have been filled with love and starry-eyed romantic dreams turned into a nightmarish scene. 10 Dead and many people injured when a bomb exploded in one of the busiest bus stops in the Metropolis. Just imagine if those who died were in a hurry to go home to their loved ones to celebrate the day of love and without any warning found themselves infront of heaven's gate. It's just not fair!

A life for a life, eye for an eye... this is WAR. But I can't help but also feel sick. What if the bombers also had families who died during the military attacks in the South? What if there is a grain of truth that innocent lives were taken in the name of terrorist annihilation? Where did it start? When will it end?
Come to think of it... that terrorist act was also rooted in love.. love for Islam, love for family and love for independence. It depe…

Let the love begin... my Richard...

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. While another officemate is gushing about "A very long engagement" which I really want to see. I am still at an all time high screaming last nite from seeing Richard Gutierrez' face in all its glory on the big screen!

My vocabulary was limited to just 3 words (as my good Friend Alms can attest, and the poor soul has to bear with all my screaming).. "GWAPO NI RICHARD!"(30 times plus as she recalled). This movie should be watched if you're a fan of either the Richard/Angel or Mark/Jennaly loveteams.

While watching, I am transported back to my high school days and can't help but smile because you would surely remember loved ones from the past.

A bonus - there are shots from the GT tower and RCBC!!!! My gosh... Richard was here.. in the same building and I was unaware!!! Damn! hehehe ;)
Some thoughts on a Saturday evening....

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.... I've threatened my poor cute brother and my bestfriend to give me roses or chocolates on this day or else! HAHAHAHA! Talk about being proactive! We'll be going to Lava Palooza (don't know if this is the correct spelling) - this is a hedonistic act I know but hey, its valentines anyway. Time to torture ourselves and be third wheels to our friends and make fun of the couples.

On the fun side, my partner in badminton thinks we're underlevelled (gosh, cris please don't hate me - HAHAHAHA!) . This is interesting, I am looking forward to playing with ALL MALE pairs! Got to have my pheromones working (hmmm... don't know if this is the correct spelling either) HAHAHAHA! Thinking of a cute outfit to wear, thinking of wearing a short badminton skirt.. like the one I saw on TV. Got to talk to him about our color coordination tactics. I do hope there are cute referrees, umpires and linesmen…