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Imelda and Jessica....

I've always wondered how women do it. How do they acquire such power and influence over the lives of so many people and of course in the process exert it effortlessly and through it all remain unchallenged?

Maybe women get away with it through -- ACTING 101! They act dumb, they act powerless, they act vulnerable and in the end, they all have everyone within the 1 km radius between their velvety gloved fingers. Plus, they get their man... yummy!

Imelda Marcos, as her son bong-bong described her was THE MASTER! The GURU!  Watching Imelda you might have an impression that she might be losing it, that she's going to the loony bin. But who gets the last laugh? Definitely not us poor mortals. She knows how to be the perfect diplomat, she uses women wiles and the gifts of feminity. My God, one cannot imagine the billions of dollars that Imelda got from leaders of World superpowers for her "country's rehabiliation and progress". At her prime, pe…
"Maybe getting so attached and being left behind over and over again has turned me into the less emotional person that I am. Or maybe I have just learned to move with every turn of the world."

These words struck me... hard. Maybe it's all a phase. There's a time for everything, for every season there is a different persona, a time to be soft, a time to be hard, a time to conform and a time to rebel, a time to be depressed and a time to be elated, a time to celebrate and a time to mourn.

Life! It's so beautiful even with the seeming ugliness.  

Slapshock Romance

I have always been a fan of NIRVANA. I have this propensity to like soulful, sad, artistic, deep rockers like John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Basti of Wolfgang and now .. I have Jamir - the vocalist of Slapshock. I really dig their music, I really like grunge rock especially if the singer has a very good voice. Slapshock's latest album NOVENA is a good buy - the album comes with a libreto that contains some lines of lyrics from the songs (unfortunately, not complete lyrics.. ay-yay-yay).  I have been listening to the album for a week and I am still rocking until now. ASTIG talaga!

Their songs contain lyrical prose, match with the sentimentality of a love song. This is what I like, romanticism without the mush - delivered in a hard hitting manner!!! Straight to the eardrums! Straight to the gut! Bulls-eye to one's heart!  That's why I appreciate rock love songs rather than goodey-love songs. If ever I'll get married- my Gosh, I like Nirvana songs to be sun…
Gym Adventures

I've always been fascinated with the myriad reasons why people flock to the gym inspite of the expensive monthly dues and the hassle of exercising instead of going home and hitting your head to a snuggly pillow.  Lo and behold, I was given a chance to try out how it is to be a gym rat (thanks jv for introducing me to this "healthy" gimmick). Gosh, my first day, my eyes were in for a FEAST of FLESH! Gosh, men with bulging muscles and cute smiles in tight fitting tank tops and spandex shorts! whew! This beats any club that you could hang out to oggle on guys.

I don't know in which area will I get the most workout.... staring (this produces a lot of sweat I tell you).. or that darn boring threadmill. But damn it, I will surely look forward to going to the gym.... and staring at those hunkable guys... ay-yay-yay!
After reading the book Einstein’s dreams, I am fascinated with physics and its interconnectivity with eastern philosophy. Soul/energy, spirit/electrons, its like describing something in different jargons, one philosophical and another scientific but the matter they are trying to study is just the same.

Gary Zuchav, the writer of Seat of the soul, is a right-brained fellow, who is not a physicist but I was intrigued by a book he has written : “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”, An Overview of the New Physics. Well, as the title will suggest, it does sound intimidating but when I learned that Gary Zuchav was the writer I took heart and obtained a copy from Booksale.

I am just a few pages off, but I can surely say that this is indeed a layperson's guide to the theories of physics (Quantum Mechanics, Uncertainty Principle, and a lot of choovanesque.. ) . It's not a book full of technical jargon(although there are some pages wherein I will just skim through because i am reminded of Phys…

1. the last movie you watched?
- Spiderman dos

2. the last tv show you watched?
K… Videoke challenge

3. the last song you heard?
- Breaking the habit – Linkin Park

4. the last thing you bought?
- Sanitary Napkin (weheheeh )

5. the last place you went [besides your house]?
- Olympic badminton court in libis...

6. the last food you ate?
- Chicken Strips

7. the last thing you heard from your parents?
- Bye!

8. the last thing you said to your parents?
- Bye!

9. the last thing you said to one of your friends?
- Ingatz!

10. the last thing you read?
- Einstein’s dreams…. Currently reading contact, angels and demons, simultaneously… wehehehe :)


1. the last person you called?
- My mom

2. the last person who called you?
- My mom

3. the last person you texted?
- KC

4. the last person who texted you?
- KC

5. the last person who said goodnight last night?
- Bro

6. the last person who said I love you?
- My mom

7. the last person who gave you a testimonial?
- Peng I think.…
"Sabi nga ng isang kaibigan ko, ang mga Papa ay para tignan lamang. Kumbaga sa isang jewelry shop, hands off! Bawal hawakan, bawal kausapin ng masinsinan; hanggang malagkit na tingin ka lamang."

True, we look at papable guys as objects (why does it feel so empowering to regard as men as objects for once). They add to our aesthetic surroundings and for one moment you just enjoy that person, his facial features that are so fine that you feel that God may have chiselled the face with His hands himself. Think of Mark Nelson and fafa Piolo for once gawd, I am having their smiling images in my head already.

But in the end, at the end of the day, these fafable guys are maybe just like what they project on screen, too hot to handle, too fine to touch.... they might just break and the illusion dissipates...
"You need nothing on the outside if you carry enough inside."
- You can't give what you don't have. People who are incapable of loving do not feel loved thus, hurtful people have their own stories that can break one's heart.

"One must like people as they are, for there is not a soul without a fault."
- Well, we can't like all people. I don't think I can like Saddam Hussein.

"The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore."
- Hmmm.. knowing one's blind side?

These are very profound sentiments that I found in the internet (the new source of wisdom in our generation). Deep inside, all of us know what is good, what should be done, but sometimes our sense of drama just wants us to go to the opposite - to go against conventional wisdom.

Why am I still a Christian inspite of it all? Why stick to one belief system when so many abound? I honestly don't know but this may sound childish but what keeps my faith is the belief in evil. That evil can be in our midst and we need faith to balance, to fight it off and to have a higher purpose in life.

Yes, you can live without faith, but what kind of existence is that? Where will you go when the unexplicable comes? It may seem pathetic, but wait until when you wake up in the middle of the night with an unbearable sadness of feeling all alone. Who will save you? I can speak only for myself when I say this, but I am not strong enough to save myself. I need the assurance of a higher power to guide, to lead, and to show me the way. There is a purpose in our lives.... this I firmly believe!
There seems to be a host of things both seen an unseen that are at work in our lives. Right at this moment, we could feel that there are much bigger things happening in this world that our petty angst and anger with how our lives our going. There are quite a number of disappointments that abound in our lives. We could see that the world is not fair, people you like would not like you back. There seems to be an unhappiness that abound in our lives because we think that there is something better, that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Right now, let us pray for our fellow human being, Angelo. May the Force guide us all to look past beyond religion and just accept people for what they believe in. Godspeed!

It started four years ago... I didn't know but since the first time that I've played with the cock... I could not stop! Hold your horses, this is not a R-rated thought but an ode to the love of my life right now.... that exciting, adrenaline-pumping sport -- BADMINTON!

It creates such a rush to the system, it's like dancing to one's own beat. It's not just competing with the other team/person but mostly it's a game against oneself. It's a battle of wills and endurance. My arm twitches so when i just think of playing and it is something to look forward to at the end of the day.

With badminton, there are no judgements, no sentimentalities. You, your racket, your partner, the net and the court -- a new little world where there are no worries. There is nothing you can't control and you just let yourself go. Shout if you feel frustrated, laugh when you were able to do a fantabulous shot, cuss yourself when you make a mistake. Gosh, life…
"Itsy-bitsy spider... went out and grossed big bucks! "

If you haven't watched Spiderman 2, then what are you waiting for??? Lift up those heavy buttocks and line up for chrissake! I think all of the cinemas in greenbelt are showing this film. Of course, my movie buddies and I, lined up for the first screening day and lo and behold, I still have that spidey song in my head.

Of course, the opening act... there was this cute promo by Ambi-pur wherein there was this brief commercial asking if you know the scent of green tea.. and as I was making out what the letters on screen were - I heard the sound of hissing air (I don't know how to describe it, like bicycle tires losing life - air). Then, a nudge told me to look at the aisle and there were two ladies wearing cute short skirts (hmmm.. I should try that job in the near future)... and spraying Ambi-pur (psssssssssssstttttttt).... leaving a trail of heavily scented mists on top of their heads. Well, that was a cool and…
Many changes have taken place these past few days in the lives of my friends. One is going to Japan to pursue higher studies, another friend is moving to another company for better career opportunities and still another has been silent.... I sense that there's a disturbance in the force in our lives, like there's an awaiting climactic event that will impact the whole of our beings.

It is such a constant reprieve that change is always good as compared to mundaneness. It's always a good sign when people move, change and decide to move from complacency of a so-called stable life to something that will make their life some kind of wonderful.

I wish them well... and deep in my heart I know that when we meet again although years from now, we'll still maintain what we had and still regain the candour of what life and friendships are all about.