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"Gerry Bears.. istatue? "

Picture taken at the Minneapolis State Fair.... a Gerry Bear sighting???


If I may borrow guru Cad's sentiments, "I know that I am getting old, when I see the music videos during my youth being shown on MTV Classics....waaahhh".

Eyto sa mga nakaka-alala noon:

At sila'y nagbalik (pinaka-well preserved si Jordan ;) ) :

Step 1! Amen! :)
Crazy stories...

Just some funny stories and "incidents" this past week:

from German Sausage (during the Renaissance fait at the petting zoo):
Anto: What pet would you like to have?
German Sausage: A Pig...
Anto: Huwaaat? A Pig? As in Babe pig?
German Sausage: Yep, because, it doesn't have hair which I am allergic to and
it's clean. (ed: just learned that they are indeed one of the
cleanest animals if you don't put them in mud).
Anto's thought bubble: Etong kalbong etoh, pwede ka naman mag-alaga ng isda
bakit baboy... nuninuninu.... uy, cute belly dancer..

from a waiter at Ihop:
Waiter at night: What is your order?
Anto: I'll have... (order.. forgot what I ordered).
Waiter at night (turning to Gerry): And you Sir, what would you have?
Gerry Bear: Chicken Florentine Crepe (his order I remembered.. hahaha…
Olympic Goddess

While Lilipot, Gers and moi were watching the Olympics beach volleyball, Lilipot had to remind me to close my mouth while I was watching Kerri Walsh. She is so skinnyyyyyy... :) wink , wink.. :)

Things I will miss about Minneapolis - pangalawang hirit

I wanted to blog about Mamma Mia but right now what is foremost on my mind is how lucky I am to be here in Minneapolis in the midst of good friends, colleagues and the perfect Minneapolis weather.

I really enjoyed my stay here in Minneapolis the second time. I came here to test someone and sadly, she failed, or I failed. In retrospect, I think we both failed. It was easier for the inevitable to happen when the two of you are apart. This is for the best and of course, with every ending, there is a beginning. That's why I am looking forward to going home. :)

What should I miss most about Minneapolis? Of course, the good friends that I made here. Even if I just stayed here for four months, I built good relationships that I think will last me a lifetime. I liked driving my friends around, doing chores, and errands for them. It made me feel that I created a family here :) That was what I was doing all along, looking for groups …