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Still Images...

I am still here in Minneapolis, blogging my night away. I am here with my inaanak, Bibe the stuff toy who I kidnapped from her mommy Congee and soon to be daddy Mabby. Yes, I have a soft spot for stuff toys, and I admit I love EMO songs.
It's a good thing that I am here in Minneapolis with great photographers. Rorie, Xtian and Chris are so good. I realized that we need photos to capture moments in our lives. Our youth, energy and zest for living will not be with us for long. We have to live life, and let the images speak for themselves. (pagbigyan niyo na, ngayon lang ako nagkapicture ng ganyan.. haha :) )
This is me!

Of all pictures taken of me, this is how I want to be remembered. Someone with a smile on here face, walking at a leisurely pace, enjoying life as I pass by. There are people always walking with me, thank God. I am happy to be part of their lives as they have been a part of mine.

I walk, therefore I am. Will you walk with me? :)
The week that was...

I am still gathering my thoughts for the week that was.... but right now.. I am so into this song..

Hayyy... sarap talagang ma-inlab.

It it you?

Emo mode.... :)

Enjoy the search and who knows what you find out about yourself that you never thought possible.


It's true that you will find happiness when you think of others before self. You can't help but think, "How will I benefit from this encounter?". But sometimes, as my friend told me, "It has to be, ALL IN!". The greatest crime that you'll ever commit in life is to live it in a lukewarm manner. I learned that it has to be lived with Passion! I am tired of dreaming and just going through the motions. I found my source of happines and I have to stop doubting and just LIVE IT! :)

I miss kiddo

Cads, Moi, Rorie (aka Ros), Xtian and the Layugs were out together at Brits for my first happy hour here in Minneapolis. The Layugs were with their little bundle of joy Mika and she reminded me of Kiddo. I was amazed on how adept she is in using the I-phone (daig pa ako). When we were playing, she got impatient with how I was going with the "Adventures of Lolo" game and took the game away from me so she could finish a stage.

Truly, the next generation of kids are so smart! :)

Turning point

-- from

Your troubles can sometimes be your greatest blessings. Because those troubles will hound you relentlessly until you make valuable improvements.
Your troubles help you to see and understand your weaknesses. And that enables you to start transforming those weaknesses into strengths.

The best way to respond to trouble is not to curse it, but to do it one better. See each challenge as an opportunity to raise yourself to a higher level.

As with everything else, your troubles are what you make of them. You can choose to make each one a turning point to a more positive and fulfilled life.

Many of history's greatest accomplishments were responses to terribly difficult problems. Many of your own greatest advances have been in response to challenging situations.

Choose to find the positive possibilities in everything that comes your way. And no problems will ever be able to hold you back.
I am back...

Some things never change. I feel that I am in the threshold of something that I can't quite determine yet. I left the Philippines with a heavy heart but as soon as I set foot in Minneapolis and seeing the "screaming" yellow jacket of Congee with that bright smile and Marky Mark's familiar stride, I feel that I am home among friends.

Then, I went to Edina. Surprisingly, I feel happy :)

Will this make men obsolete?

Two of my best friends told me this story. They remembered me when they watched this one on TV. I think, this is way too unconventional even for me. But who knows?

My bestfriend and I are talking, what if you underwent testosterone treatment and then for some weird reason got attracted to men and have relationships with men. So, technically, you're gay but biologically you're straight... "Ang gulo ng mundow... bow!"

Alternate Universe

What if, in the near future, children will get to choose their gender by age of puberty. Choose if you would like to live like a man or a woman. And if by some weird reason, you change your mind - a male biologically enhanced person would want to be female once again. Gosh, I don't want to think about ther reperscussions of this lifestlye.


If you have a great set of friends then consider yourself lucky. They will be your support system and help you go through this crazy process called life. Take care of them and treasure each moment.

There will be many people that will come in and out of our lives but a few who will stick it out with you through thick and thin. If you find them, don't ever take them for granted... they will be your rock when everything goes awry.

Thank you for my friends who were always there for me. I can't tell you how much you saved my sanity these past few days....

Girl Pianists...

Yael Naim - (will she also sell-out like Nelly and Erika Badur?)
Toxic like no other..

Regina Spektor - (LSS to the max!)

Sara Bareilles - Love Songs



I want to find:

- Someone I can just be with. "Kaladkarin" sa lahat ng mga bagay-bagay - movies, food trips, arcade, badminton, running, malling, and cooking!
- Someone I can talk to and just be crazy with.
- Sporty, articulate and full of life....

Someday, I wish I can dedicate these songs to that person...

The future...

I am the type of person who does not think much of the future. The "now" is what is of utmost important. Last Sunday, I broke into cold sweat and I was so scared. I was scared of being alone.... I thought, I was fine damn it, before I met you (referring to the perky one). I was obliviously happy before in my singleton state. Now, I became fearful of my future.

I was talking to my bestfriend who became my constant companion for the past few days. He is always there to listen to my inane stories and he stays over to comfort me when I am angry, feel lost and confused. We talked and I remarked, "Why don't we get our own place and be housemates and grow old together?" Golden girls ang drama...

Don't get me wrong. We don't have romantic feelings for each other. He is like a dear brother to me and we've been friends for almost 13 years. But he is someone who I can just be myself without any pretentions.

Something to think about when I get back.…