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In My life... a film for the modern Filipino Family...

My mom texted me last week and made a date ... "Ako ang kasama mong manunuod ng In my life ni Ate Vi ha?" Of course, being the dutiful daughter I obliged. I was a little curious because we all know that there are many gossips that float around that Lucky Manzano is really bisexual in real life so I would like to see if he will show hints of his sexuality on this film. And of course, I am a John Lloyd fan, I have to watch :)

The movie is good but not excellent. It showed the love between two gay men and the plot is how the mother will factor in their relationship. Odd that there is a semi-love triangle going on, but hey... it's original.

I watched the movie with my mom and as I watched Lucky and John on screen I can't help but think about my brother, my brother-in-law and my mom.

I don't want to think about the drama that will ensue if she finds out. For now, everyone is happy. I wanted to gash and shar…
The gayness of it all

"We have to set minimum aesthetic and artistic standards for people to qualify as gay (or lez). Hindi puedeng kung sinu-sino na lang ang mag-claim na bakla sila! (We can’t have just anyone claiming to be gay!)" -- a quote from Jessica Zafra's blog - remarked by her friend Big Bird.

Where credit is due... and the Aquino legacy...

I felt admiration for what Mar Roxas has done. Instead of running for president, he is willing to play second fiddle to Noynoy Aquino. Imagine, the years of plotting, scheming with Korina and then, puff, fate weaved a different tapestry and Noynoy is the one in the spotlight.

I am very apathetic with regards to politics but this time, my sense of patriotism has been re-awakened. I can't help but think that the recession and the deaths of important people in this century has jolted us to make a difference in our lives. We are the apathetic generation who grew up without a cause to fight for.

We didn't have a Marcos to topple. We grew up watching Kris Aquino in her futile attempt to drama stardom. We had Fido Dida, her massacre films (thank God she found her niche in talk shows). We were disillusioned with politics and were riveted by Hollywood and Microsoft.

Suddenly, recession hit, tita Cory died and we are hearing of so much…