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Milenyo and moi

Oki, so I am officially a year older. I prayed for men, theme song in my head, "It's raining men, hallelujah, ...". Then, it jolted me... isang delubyo for my birthday. It didn't rained men... it rained hard! Torrential rains and winds that can rival the most arrogant waitress in all of greenbelt. The universe might not have heard when I said it, it left off the "men" part. But the typhoon has a male name, Milenyo.... hahaha... oh well. It's not that bad. Greeting from friends and family helped console my suicidal thoughts.. hahaha.. ;) kidding!

That's it, Jessica Zafra and I are psychic sisters, it's her post for today, and it's not even her bday (daw, I have a feeling that we share the same bday)... see Jessica's bday blues post.

Thank guys for those who gave me love and support on my birthday. I truly appreciate it! :)
Life is not real

Whew! How time flies! Slowly but surely, my age is creeping up on me. I have no apprehensions in getting older, I am not yet in my midyears. I have my whole life ahead of me. But of course, there are these nagging thoughts on my head on how I could step up as I get older. All I know, is that I have vision of a forty year old sultry woman with a twenty year old hot guy. I look forward to my forties! Hopefully, I can afford a fafa by that time.

I know that people change. The same Anto that you met yesterday, is not the same Anto that you'll meet tomorrow. I am amazed on how people evolve. It might be due to the position of the moon. Their stars are changing positions thus a Libran child, can evolve to a Scorpio woman and then to a Capricorn old woman. It's a cycle. If we retain one personality throughout our life, that will be boring.

True, I have a complete fascination with human behavior. I know that we all have faults, our weaknesses and our petty worries. But…

Hayyy... why do people expect me to read their minds? Hello! How many times do I have to tell you that silence is not a form of communication! Tell me, or text a short message, dalawang letra lang naman yun.. "NO" or pwedeng 3 , "YES". Grrr... Para akong iniwan sa ere... I am getting tired of disappointments. I can't even see straight right now... grrr..

I am not expecting much from people, just let me know oki?

(dahon, I am not referring to you ha, we're good.)

Chopsuey et al

Kami nAPO muna

I bet my hard-earned pesoses that every car stereo and I-pod playlist of Generation X'ers have the new "Kami nAPO muna" songs playing over and over again. I was given a ride by two ladies of my age group and yes, the same CD in their players, no plans of removing it just yet.

We're part of those who have transitioned from "GMA Supershow" to "Sang Linggo nAPO sila" with suspicion. We have been accustomed to the Bellstar dancers and the gaudy tuxedo of Kuya Germs since we can remember and why are we going to go to the other channel to watch a 2 hour mini concert. But starting from their first day, they have revolutionized Sunday TV viewing that up to this day as of this writing, ASAP and SOP are vying to be the next "Sang Linggo nAPO sila".

We even went in Eastwood Libis to watch the live performances of the bands who gave a new twist to the Apo classics such as "Doo biDoo Bidoo" (Kamikaze), "Paan…
It was a week of Chick Flicks

You are the One (Local Popcorn Romance)

Ok, I admit, I was not an avid fan of Sam Milby; reinforcing the statement "he can't be gay!". But who can resist that hot bod! Yes, we watched his latest movie flick with Toni Gonzaga "You are the One" and I walked off as a Sam Milby aficionado. He acts well for a first timer. He has intensity, he has good fashion sense and I must say it again, he has a gorgeous body! His bare upper torso and butt in boxers rivals that of Raphael Roselle in red briefs (whooppee, for his new Bench Ad, sizzling!).

The movie's storyline offers nothing new. But the execution was cute and romantic. There were scenes that were cheesiness to the next level but I had tears in my eyes. Toni Gonzaga played her part well. Her office uniform reminded me of bygone days when I was young and I had to wear a skirt as it was required. Those were the days!

Another treat - Gio Alvarez as the gay friend of Toni was so cute a…