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"In Their Own Write..."

Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and the 478th copy of Neil Gaiman's letter. Anansi Boys is a good read!

Of course, Jessica Zafra. This signature has a story. A friend and I went to Powerbooks Megamall for the book signing. Alas, our news was a little bit inaccurate, the book signing was on Powerbooks Glorietta. With 15 minutes 'till closing time, we hurried off from Megamall to Glorietta. Thank heavens for the MRT and for my friend's accurate sense of direction (if I was by my lonesome, I could have gotten lost at Glorietta, that my friends is a testimonial of my excellent sense of direction... I could get lost inside a mall).

Then, I was next in line for Ms. Zafra's signature, she looked at me and I swear I wished that the ground could swallow me alive for I was not worthy to be in her presence. For the life of me, I have so many things to say... but all I could say was,"For Antonette" and a feeble smile. Gosh! Star struck agai…'s Significant Seven Questions to James Frey (and Moi)

I have been reading "A million little pieces" by James Frey and it really is electrifying! As I go through the pages I realized that I have so much in common with this guy. Like James, I also think that the Tao De Ching contains so much wisdom and makes more sense than the Bible, I love the way he offers no excuses on why he is the way he is. He's human, I admire the "Fury" that he emphatically conjured and I also can relate to this. And he also has trouble receiving hugs (just like me!). Oh well, enough of my babblings. I present the answers of James Frey (and also mine... gosh, I can't resist giving my own)... I also would like those words in my epitaph please...
(J - James, N: Me)
Q:What book has had the most significant impact on your life?
J: Tao te Ching by Lao Tsu. Completely changed how I think, behave, li…
"The rise of Asia to world dominance..."

Throughout history, the eastern and western civilizations follow the yin-yang model. The West governs technology, independence, material sufficiency, might, power and consumerism - the west governs the physical aspects of man. The East comprising of the more ethereal religions and belief systems such as Buddhism, Hinduism, the Tao, Shintoism concerned mainly with matters of the spirit and the soul.

But as we see the turn of events in this century, the West is crumbling. Their youths are decadent with material wealth, lethargy and of course, their dwindling birth rate. They were doomed by their opulence. The coming century belongs to the East. The rise of China, India and Korea as the next superpowers is not far fetched.

Movies are no longer dominated by Hollywood (although they still can extend their political muscle to have our minds brainwashed by their programming). We now watch Asian movies with gusto such as The Ring, The Classic, …
"Gael... Gael.... I wish you were mine!"

A movie... a journey... and a boy (on second thought beautiful boys always excite me).... I haven't felt this excitement for a movie, for a cause and for inspiring people for quite some time. But here I am typing away in the blistering heat of Laharlandia to share to the universe how I LOVE GAEL GARCIA BERNAL, Che Guevarra (although he's thought of as a mass murderer by some), and the Motorcycle Diaries!

I wanted to watch this movie because I am always curious who Che Guevarra was. I always see his face on T-shirts worn by cool people, mugs, etc. I wanted to know what the fuss is all about. It surprised me that there are only a few sites in English upon entering the word "Che Guevarra" in Google search. Ok, so the universe is telling me to learn Spanish.

Motivation??? I might meet GAEL GARCIA BERNAL (whew! always in bold letters.... ). I want to make a decent conversation when I finally meet this beautiful boy. Or I mi…
Snapshots that hopefully Alzeimer's will not erase...

"One picture is worth ten thousand words." - Chinese Proverb


Contemplating at the deck of Anilao

Perfect Combi!
My cubies' alter egos - consi and mel

Opening week of Cofee Bean and Tea Leaf - Freebies!

Remember my 10 Kilometer run?

Mural Painting of Porshie Spice.

The Lord said, on the 8th day, thou shall paint!

Nette - the groupie!
A full weekend...

My brother took out our bluetooth device so here I am disappointed that I am unable to post the pictures of my weekend. But just the same, I will upload it once my bro remembers to bring the darn device home.

Last Saturday, our company together with "Hand-On Manila" went to a Children's Center somewhere in Cubao to conduct a Mural Painting. It was fun! We were able to paint several happy pictures of children playing various sports, children basking in the warmth of their family and friends and other gigantic paintings that will entice the children to enter the doors of this institution to be taught by selfless teachers, and to share happy moments with other children. Hopefully, they will be successful in keeping children off the streets.

My office barkads were kidding me because I really can't paint within the designed areas. The mural paintings were already pre-sketched by an in-house painter and he just instructed us to what paint color goes to wh…

Sometimes you have the best intentions of people at heart... but of course, I have to learn that I am not responsible with how people think, how people experience life and how people choose the one they love or hate. I just have to let them be. I now know how parents feel.


I love Pinoy Big Brother! Gerry told me about it but of course being a few of the T.V.-less room in the Philippines, today was the first time that I was able to watch it.... 2 words .. "Guilty Pleasure..."


I have a new goal and inspiration! I vow that I will run a marathon before I die.. Charuz! I am really inspired by Mr. Cadlum! Congratulations again! Idol! Hope we could have a chance to run together... at my pace.... hihihi...


I am starting to like classical music or any music without any lyrics. I just don't want to think anymore when I am plugged to my I-Pod.


Last Thursday,…
Is It Worth the Pain?

With all that has been happening I think I have to give out my thoughts to the universe. Seeing the younger people experience what I have gone through in the past (feeling lolah?), I can't help but reminisce the past.

For every heart ache in my life, I remember aching legs from long walks, forced breaths because of smoking, and reeling dizziness because of drunkenness. Yup, the same process; I was surprised to learn that this tendency is universal.

I am a veteran of the Lonely Hearts club... been there, been that. But of course for every person that you care about, the experience and coping mechanism is as different as my left handprint to my right handprint.

Asking questions like, "If we're going to turn back time and knowing that in the future it's going to hurt like hell, will you still go through the "friendship"? (I only learned now that there's really a semantics problem in every relationship, hmmm... interesting)

Amidst clouds…
Love Infinitum...

We watched the Spanish film "La Buena Estrella (Lucky Star)" in Greenbelt 1 as part of the ongoing Spanish Film Festival. Film Festivals never cease to offer something new. Maybe, because our brains were already fried-dry by the mechanized movies churned by Hollywood and foreign film festivals/art films are the coolers to rejuvenate our dying brain cells and hardened hearts.

This movie is very similar in theme to the movie we've seen in a previous European film festival (sorry, brain cells in zzzzz mode, can't remember the title of the french movie)... "Can you really love two people at the same time?"

I've read somewhere that love is like "infinity". We cannot compare two infinities. There is no "less" infinite and "more" infinite. Infinity has no ending, and no beginning. It's not measurable but it's just is. But we all know what infinity is, we understand the concept but we never bother to measur…