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Releasing my inner Ellen

From the mouth of a child -

We were doing our weekend shopping and while Rorie was trying on some clothes off the rack, I was with the Ever Famous Lara (a 10-yr old kid). A man passed infront of us and said, "Excuse me Sir.." Lara was adamant and wanted to say to the man that I was not a boy. I told her that it's ok and I am definitely used to it.

So how do I explain who we are to a 10 yr old girl? Her mom said that she already know what a gay man is, so she said, "Tita Nette is a girl version of a gay man.." She had that confused look so I just told her, "Lara, I like girls..." And, what she said was so cute and made us all laugh... "Ewwwwww...." I think she got my point. hahaha.. Keep the explanation simple and direct, I always say :)


This weekend is the Twin Cities gay pride event! :) I am looking forward to it especialy the gay cheerleaders, the Best Buy Geek Squad contingent and the Dykes on Bikes.

Love, Friendship and... Fashion!

The familiar tune, and then the narration and then, that giant crochage! Carrie and the girls are back! :)

Carrie is not beautiful but man, she sure can carry herself well and don fashionable clothes. She can pull off any outfit, that I am sure. Charlotte is still the sweet girl that I liked. Samantha is like wine, she gets better with age :) Miranda, now that's my girl. If I were to pick one character in the series that closely resemble my personality, it's Miranda. I am paranoia incarnate.

My favourite scenes: The giant closet, New Year's eve and of course, the Brooklyn bridge scene in which I felt that there were tears in my eyes.

I liked this series because it reminded me of my girlfriends and my gayfriends. One of my fun moments in life is just having coffee and catching up with them... even if we go home at 5 am in the morning just chattering the minutes away :)


Book Review: AT FIRST SIGHT (Nicholas Sparks)


It's spring here in Minneapopolis and great, we have no more snow and freaking freezing temperature but we have rain (hale level), lightning and thunder. This keeps Rorie awake at night and I do pity the girl because she's really scared of lightning. Yes, fears are paralyzing, just like my fear of heights and enclosed spaces.

Rain of course is a great backdrop to one of my favorite pasttimes - EMOTING. So, here yah go, the best Madonna song/video in my opinion (Justify my love comes in second, wehehe).

Favorite Madonna Video Quote - "Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another... " La Vie Boheme!

Travel -- don't live life without it...

With good friends -- this is how it should be..

Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from travel's immediate rewards, the inevitable myriad new sights, smells and sounds, but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently what we believed to be the right and only way.

I have long been a proponent of travelling to other places not to see the sights but to experience first hand the different cultures that make humanity so diverse and exciting. It also is a way of travelling to the unknown and then being more attuned to one's subconcious. By going away from the familiar, you return to your center - to who you really are.
Sagada was one of my most memorable vacations because it made me realized why I am so full of fears. I am afraid of heights, enclosed spaces and bodies of water (but I do take a bath, yes I do). I am afraid of losing ground, of losing control because there is no one there to …