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It's worth it pala...

This makes it all worthwhile..... a picture of the reward for all of the sleepless nights, tears and dancing to the tune of kapag tumibok ang puso.... it's official...

This is so sweet....

UAT moments:

- Running batch then the log file read... Aborted in process... I shouted.. "teka lang" and all the expats looked at me while I investigated to find out what happened.

- All the coding has left me dizzy one day and at the end of the day I explained to the client, "Off invoice deals have no explosion.." shet..

- I fell asleep after the 10 th day of UAT while my roomie was excitedly waiting for me since this is the first time we're going to go home early.

- At 2 am, I read an email and I cried (with heaving shoulders...) and one time I hid inside the table... gawd, I can only laugh at those moments right now..

- I was running our batch script when our counterpart asked me, "Nette, what are you doing?" I told him, "Running b…

I laughed when I read Nike's blog. As usual, the same sentiments, the same emotions. Imagine, you have been slaving at work, trying to cover everything, recoding a module assigned for one month in 2 hours, fixing a high priority issue that will be retested the following morning and finding that "we are planning to fix this by tomorrow" in the status.

What could you do when all those faces are looking at you? You fix, you stay quiet and labour morning, noon and night. You work weekends and everything, you do everything humanly possible to turn around issues. Then a single slip and everything explodes (explosion nga naman).

We don't mind the work, it's part of the job. But I never realized the power of appreciation. I know it's a thankless job but what will you feel if you have been toiling and toiling and then, puff!

I realized that sometimes it's not worth it. It's so not worth it....
UAT war is over!

I have no words, my brain cells have died... I only think in cryptic code.... all that coding and debugging... and I had difficulty translating everything to real language... Nike says it all in her blog....

Hormonal Surge

From Whitman

AMONG the men and women, the multitude,
I perceive one picking me out by secret and divine signs,
Acknowledging none else - not parent, wife, husband, brother, child, any nearer than I am;
Some are baffled - But that one is not - that one knows me.

I meant that you should discover me so, by my faint indirections;
And I, when I meet you, mean to discover you by the like in you.

Thoughts.. (estrogen speaking and not I)

Why does the heart needs to stop feeling if one wants to survive? Why does one need to go to extremes from love to hate.

One sometimes feel too much so she shuts down. Is this really the way one should live? Sometimes one becomes too tired to love. But when one stops loving, she sheds who she really is.

Why does love come in the most unexpected time and place? Why does one need to be unfeeling to be able to find oneself again? Why does hurt come to the innocent? One loves and toils endlessly and it's all for naught. Why is the love of …
Quarter Nike

Quarter life is exciting. It's the new eighteen for women. You're stepping into a whole new world wherein you don't know the rules and you learn as you go along. It's insanely chaotic but deliciously meaningful. It's where you shed who you were and become the person that you were molded to become.

Quarter life crisis will rock your world but it's something that will make you stronger to face the funny humour of fate and destiny.

Nike is turning a quarter century. She has learned how to commute (via train nga lang), she has been away from her family for longer than she could remember for the first time. She's tasting independence, and she has her whole life ahead of her.

Even if I have to battle an aisle full of stuffed toys of Care Bears for Nike (choices to be made: glow in the dark, fluffy and snuff; blue or pink; syempre pink; oki, I didn't know that pink come in all those hues); I want this day to be special for her.

To my dre, Happy Birth…

What a week of almost no sleep will do to your psyche...

- Sugar is good, chocolate is better (nike stops there) but COFFEE is the best (anto). COFFEE is oxygen.
- Margarita is good, Cuervo is better but VODKA is the best (roomie).
- Beer is good, better and best! (anto - utopian society, no hierarchies there).
- Realized that are moms are asking us the same thing:
- "Baka napaparami inom mo dun?" - mudras
- "Nde po." (bubble please sa ulo - nde po kayo nagkakamali.. ) hahaha..
- Sorry, we can't let go.. Mr. Clean's sausage goes a long way - hanggang bituka. Amazed by the number of things we could do with it.. (raw, in a sandwhich , pasta.. hmmm)..

Hay, sabi ko nga.. tulog lang katapat nitoh.. hahaha :)

German Sausage

My roomie and I laugh over the silliest things. Maybe that's what keeps us sane especially now that we're here in cold Minnea. We must do what we can to bring a little piece of happiness in our lives.

Just the other day, Mr. Clean gave us one of his famous Summer Sausages as a present. Being of German Irish descent, I was rendered speechless by the gigantic size of the sausage he gave us, I told Nike.. "Ang laki naman ng sausage ni Mr. Clean..." For the life of me, she laughed. Iba daw dating pag ako nagsabi.... Ok, I admit I really, really like tasteful green jokes. It cracks me up.. wahahahahaha...

While we were walking home, I can't stop myself from giggling because Nike was holding the sausage and I was really amazed by its enormous size and it's red! HAHAHAHA!

When we cooked the sausage, Nike was the one who cut the sausage and she started at the tip, sabi ko... "langhiya, sa ulo pa talaga nagstart.." hahaha... I don't know ho…
Happy New Year - 2007

I don't know what to say... basta, Minneapolis New Year's Eve to usher in 2007 - I will not forget this night even if I lost 6 hours of memory that I am still trying to fill in.

If this is the opening salvo for the year, it's going to be a bumpy ride for 2007.