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Spelling chuva at work

I was sleepily going through a set of designs when I coughed and then was completely jolted to reality when the word below was misspelled:
Stock Count

(Review point should have gone - Please put "o" before "u". But I applied it na, I can't bear to see the word again on a non-erotica material... hahaha)

Destiny and Fate

I am a firm believer that we are destined for something in this life. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Gawd, I thank my stars... I am one LUCKY girl.

Unexpected Twists

Who could have thought that life can hold so many surprises! It seems like yesterday when I was overwhelmed by changes brought about by my stay in Minneapolis. But no, these past few days brought me to unexpected velocity! I should remember where the brakes are or I could plummet to the deep abyss. So many sights to see! I admit that I am an experience junkie so I am having my fix almost everyday!

Life begines at 30 I think, I am at the brink and each day I feel that the accelerator is being pushed. Todoh na itoh!

Wish me luck!!! On to the next adventure!!! :)

Shock... shock... and sleep

This day has been hazy, hazy and hazy.

Back story: We transferred office from Ayala to Pioneer a few months back so we haven't been in Glorietta for a long, long time.

A while ago: We went to Glorietta to arrange our team building activity (around lunch time). First sentence that came out of my mouth upon stepping inside was: "Iba talaga ang totoong mall :)"

Then we ate lunch at Food Choices, nothing unusual, just the normal chit chat and then, while heading back, we saw a commotion. The activity center was filled with smoke, and then, all hell broke loose.

All were rushing/running to the entrance. After some panicky run, we were outside the mall. We saw people coming out, covered in blood, powder white substance on their faces. The thought that came into my head was to get back to the office as fast as possible. That was the most surreal bus ride for me.

While preparing for some meeting in the afternoon, it hit all of us. We were in shock, the…
My Poison of Choice

Pics, pics!

This is the guy that I have given a blackeye when we played badminton, the better half of my good friend. Thus, he was traumatized to play the sport for life... Was it freudian? hahaha.

The college gang...

Ayown... I love my Astroboy shirt... wehehe :)

Sariwa, Shonga, Pugon at Balahura

Osang the vixen aptly titled this. I am somewhere in the picture... Find anto! :)

Party, party, party... and friends...

Ok... realization, I miss the party scene. Ewan ko ba... I really like the dark, smokey and crowded ambience. Since you can be anybody, anything when you're inside. You can concoct dozens storylines about the people and stare all you like and hold their gaze. Heck, they'll never see you again right? :)

Good that we picked the right venue, not too young and not too old. Good that I was with Osang the vixen (atleast there is someone from my age group) hahaha :)

I really like people and experiences and the bar/club is a good way to observe and to learn.

Masakit pa ang balakang ko kakagiling (old age) .. hahaha :) But I really enjoyed it! I should do this more often. :)

Interezting day...

We lost our basketball game... but we have cute uniforms so I guess that is compensation enough...hahahaha....

I heard this from someone... an Aquarian, fellow air sign...
"Thoughts fly but the heart stays grounded..." - Para sa mga lutangz out there.. :)