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The Orange Sofa...

Finally!!!! I have a sofa!!!! My birthday gift for myself! So, ayan, my place is open for those who would like to crassshhhhh... you now have a place to sit or to just space out :)

Funny comment from dahon, when she saw the art print on my room. "Anto, ano yan drawing mo? " "Lolah, Van Gogh yan :)" hahaha :) But in fairness, she recognized Morpheus by the stairs :)

Thank you guys for warming up the place! :)

Last hoorah at the 20s checkbox

So, it came to this. I am grasping on the last year of being a twenty something gal. Age is just a number. Youth is not a time of life, it's a state of mind as they always say. But sometimes, you look back and wonder, is this it?

I am happy because the past year has been a year full of soul growths. I was assigned in a different country, encountered full force the dark side that I have been battling all my life, enjoyed precious moments with friends and realized that we make our own reality.

I have changed a lot, not just in the way I look but also in how I relate to people and how I live life. Its ok not to give in, it's ok to be selfish once in awhile and it's ok to be who you are comfortable with.

What is my wish for the next year? Just love... just more love... from the universe.

AMEN! :)
Missing people...

I got used to saying goodbyes... because I know that this is such a small world... and being in this profession we are bound to meet each other again. But sometimes, there's this pang when you are letting go of someone who you have worked with for the longest time, and who you shared good moments with.

We played badminton together, and he has seen me at my worst when I lose my cool during stressful times. I have even shouted at him and made him sit when he was itching for a smoke :) when there was an abend.

But what is good about our working relationship is that we understand each other. We can shout at each other but we can still find a solution. Imagine the numerous cups of coffee that we produced during one of our crucial testing phases.

I am going to miss you man. But we'll see each other, if not on the playing court; on a dimly lighted place with bottles of beer all around but laughing because these moments are for real. These moments that we share with o…
Ode to Neruda

I was hanging around the house when I saw a hardbound book of Pablo Neruda poems. I can't remember buying a hardbound copy; I only have the Il Postino poems. I smiled; I didn't know that my brother liked Neruda. Aha!

So, I was reading the poems and then there's this ache in my heart, no I am not sad, the words are just delicious and it helps me to immerse myself in another world.

Then, I pulled out a CD of Il Postino and I have a Neruda poetry reading morning. A Perfect Sunday Morning!

Some clips from Neruda:

And it was at this age...Poetry arrived in search of me, I don't know where it came from, from winter or a river,
I don't know how or when, no they were not voices; they were not words, nor silence…

I like you to be still
As all things are filled with my soul
You emerge from the things
Filled with my soul,
You are like my soul
A butterfly of dream
And you are like the word: Melancholy...

One word then, One smile is enough

We treasure old friends, they are like your favourite pair of jeans that spell COMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT! :) But it's also nice to meet new people and study different personalities. I like interesting people, they make you not blink :) because you might miss out some facet in them that you've never seen before. People will suprise you in ways you can't imagine...

Avenue Q - A Purpose Driven Show

When I found out that this musical involves puppets acting with humans, I didn't imagine that the puppeteers were also on stage acting. So, being a person that cannot multi-task, when I saw the puppet Princeton (a new resident of Avenue Q), I got confused, who to watch, the puppet or the actor puppeteer? Then, Rachel Alejandro came on stage. Perfect! She did good underacting, yes, she was acting but... she didn't steal the show from her puppet, Katie Monster. I heard that Rachel auditioned for this play by sending a youtube video to the director.... well, the internet is not just really for porn!

Avenue Q is a parody of Sesame Street but don't be fooled. It delved into topics that we all can relate to... friendship, careers, love life, being gay and of course, in a subtle way, the meaning of life. It centered around the lives of the residents of Avenue Q. The actors played two characters and sometimes, they voice the puppets at the same time…
The Internet is for porn!

I am hyped! We're going to watch the local production of Avenue Q and I am thinking of what I am going to wear (taray!).

Going back... the internet... Yes, as Gerry Bear mentioned to me, the internet will open you up to a "whole new world!" may karpet pa sa tabi.

Grabeh, now I just realized that I can do many things with the internet, not just during cold, lonely nights... hahaha..

* You can listen to your favorite poem being recited! Waaahh... Librivox

* You can learn Spanish (preparation for Gael's Manila homage!, waaahhh) ExpertVillage

* You can have a great workout in the comfort of your home - Taebo at Youtube

Hayyyy... wala ka na talaga excuse not to be in One global network.... yessss...

Amy Winehouse - The new Gay Icon!

For a time, there was a long procession of boring pop singers... nothing exciting, just something to satisfy one's curiousity, then nothing much... humdrum... bubble pop! They're cute, adorable, then they get married and vanish into oblivion or to dreamy, hazy existence (Britney at the VMAs? - she needs help!). And then... drumrolls.... Bee hive hair? Mascara that can rival Boy George's? ... Amy Winehouse came along!

The girl who will spit blood, bile and her guts but she shouts..."They tried to make me go to rehab and I say no, no, no!" Living life as it's supposed to be.

Give us more AMy Winehouses! More, more, more! :)


I was watching the news and realization struck me that it has been six years since 9/11. The image of two buildings burning was the first thing that came into my mind. Just like a scene from a Hollywood movie... Independence Day?
Just yesterday, I watched a video of Bin laden. Aba, pati si Bin Laden, nagkulay ng hair! And it's not just his hair but also his beard. Vanity... thy name is religious fundamentalist.

Everything taken into extreme is bad. Too much beauty, too much knowledge, too much goodness, too much pride, too much chocolates.. argh! and too much faith. Yes, I think there is something to be said about faith taken into extreme. But this is not blasphemy... but Bin Laden looks like the Jesus Christ picture that my mom has in her closet - the one with movable eyes... it's creepy!

Yeah, I know they came from the same gene pool but still... what if he's right and we are wrong? I shudder to think....
Everything is so flexible... why cling to jus…
Congrats Jewel Decaps - TL ka na! :)

Before our manager pings me to ask how you became a TL, I would like to explain that TL stands for tigyawat sa ilong sort of TL :)

I have been kinda part of the story and I am glad (well, actually, a lot of people were happy judging from the size of people who went to see the "friendster pic"). For curious Georges and Janes out there, go to Joel's friendster pic and search for the pic with the label "Cottage Entrance". It's the pretty girl in white.

Amazing conversation:
I was teasing Joel about his pink toothbrush (you know how I love pink : ):

Anto: Pink naman ur toothbrush.
Jewel: Manly naman eh!
Anto: Define Manly...
Jewel: Manly - enough to get a pretty girl like that :)

He got the girl :) And, all I can say is, Fate really is mischievious! :) I think everyone got the right partner for them :)

Happy, happy, joy, joy... :)

What am I willing to do?

"For the greater good", I have heard these uttered a million times. Sometimes, the fault lies in good people doing nothing. Yes, we whine, we complain that life isn't fair but are we willing to fight back?

And I am not crazy, something is really wrong. I am not imagining things. I know that there's a crack... but hey, I can still jump around it. But what happens when I fall?

What do I have to do? I am scared that we might lose good people again. Yes, we're getting new ones but they can't replace those individuals that have what it takes.

I see mediocrity, then I see noise, but there in that corner, silently toiling working with the most difficult modules, silent because they do their work so effortlessly and efficiently, they shine without trying. But sometimes, people are more inclined to notice the noise rather than the silent brilliant dude.

I know how to play the game. I can play it but that doesn't mean that I believe in it. B…
Mixed Basketball? One small step...

I am excited! Well, we're not sure yet if this will push through. But we were proposing to have a mixed category in our group's basketball league. The teams will comprise of biological women and La Liga members (Fabulous Corporate Women at Heart). I am sure there will be protests but it's worth a shot :)

We should have a screening of how we can determine if they are indeed La Liga. Well, having very strong gaydars won't hurt. I have to be careful who I put in the mailing list, I might get in trouble. bwahahahahaha :)

Smashing Fun!

Ang mag-partner!

Ang mga hayok sa badminton...


Habol lang ng habol!

Kaya ngayon.. sakit katawan...waaahhh!

Movie that made me wanna dance on the movie house and the bravery of the Foster

The last movie musical that made me stare at the screen without blinking was Moulin Rouge with its rich colors, great music and of course the beautiful Nicole Kidman. This woman is iridescent that it sometimes hurt to watch her onscreen. "Down with Love" was cute but not that substantial. "Chicago" was dark for me. But "Hairspray" was the first movie musical that left me squirming on my seat because I so loved to dance on the movie house no less.

The music was ear friendly, catching, up beat and it's like watching a reel musical. It has that feel. Of course, watching John Travolta playing a woman's role is truly fabulous. I realized that the young Zac Efron who played the role of Link (High School Musical teen idol) eeringly looks like the younger Travolta, with blue eyes and dark hair.

Kudos to Hairspray, this is I think the first movie I watched wherein the fat girl p…