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I triggered an alarm!

My roomie Nike (as baptized by Mr Clean) is coming! I, will now have someone to talk to and keep me sane! A few of us are going to pick her up from the airport, and of course, being a Libran, there must be food for company!

I am thankful that I have a very helpful Kuya in the person of the running guru Cads to give me a hand in everything about the downtown area. So, after finally getting to play in the company's pingpong room, we went to Cub foods to get some supplies.

We rode a train (MRT on land!) and he taught me how to get a ticket from the dispenser. I asked him why there is no check of tickets upon loading, he said that it's all "honesty system" BUT there are spot checks by the police every now and then and there is an $80 fine for those caught without tickets... yikes!

It was a good ride, it's very similar to the MRT and then off we went to Cub foods. I am truly grateful to the running guru's patience. It took me about 10 million…
I had a moment

I am going to maximize my stay here and bombard my blog with my misadventures so bear with me.

I had a very funny experience yesterday. Cads (the running guru) pinged me and told me that there's free food at the 10th floor. I said sure, accompany me please. So, that I don't have to worry about dinner anymore.. wehehehe... It's a kind of celebration for the end of Ramadan by our Arab/Indian co-employees. So, I went up, ready to eat!

It was fun! There were people there wearing their native costumes. We grabbed paper plates and I picked anything that perked my curiosity. I had dates? Liked it... then I had a "spicy" cookie. There was that mala-curry taste again so I didn't dig that.

Cads played ping-pong with some guys. I watched him and enjoyed the game. I played eons ago so I didn't dare play because they might laugh at me. Then, the ball kept on going to my direction. So I pick it up and give it to this guy. He said "thank you"…
The Zen of Minneapolis

I have only been here for almost 2 weeks and I have learned a lot of good stuff. Here goes my yoda-ish bulletpoints:

1. Anto + Map = Lost
= "You won't get lost, there are maps everywhere. "
-- Mr. Congeniality (Mr Clean lookalike)"

Ahhh.. try telling this to someone who can't distinguish left from right. It took me almost three freezing days to detemine that my street is just insanely parallel to my office building. I went around in circles. The map was good, but I really have this thing about finding "perspective". If I am in Marquette Avenue, and 9th Avenue is right here (a tiny dot , blob on my map), how do I go there? The map tells me stuff, yes I can read, but I lack spatial skills on how to go from point A to point B. Wishing Gerry was here, I think he can go around Minneapolis quite easily with my map.

2. Chocolate and coffee are basic food groups.
It's cold outside but I have to go out. It's a s…
A visit from Nanny Mc-Consi

It was friday night, and I fell asleep on the couch. I was supposed to go to the gym while waiting for my surrogate mother (o sige na nga.. Ate) here in Minneapolis. I was awoken by the telephone and the perky voice that only Consi possesses.
"Bakla, papunta na ako dyannnnnnn...." (key of C sharp)

When I went down to get her, of course, she's wearing that fabulous Endless love Winter Sonata coat (it helps that she looks like a Koreana) and several paper bags containing food and red wine ). Thanks goodness she brought food.

I was kind of panicky when I realized earlier that day, that I'll be having Consi as a house guest. Why? Because, she eats like a man! She's frail, she's petite but this girl likes her food! Darn, genes!

She opened my refrigerator (scolded me because it only contained these items: cheese, chocolates and more chocolates) and she was amazed by the cleanliness of my kitchen. (of course it's clean I only boil w…
United Colors of Badminton

- Last Monday, I went to the Y (naks, YMCA) with Osang and Lec to play badminton. The YMCA is huge! It's a candy store for me. It has a gym, badminton courts, basketball courts, indoor track and field!, and other goodies. We played with people from different gene pools - all colors of the skin pallete, (brown (us) ,yellow, black, white). Walang sinabi ang pagka-amazona ko! The black women don't have the technique (maybe because they are just beginners) but they're strong!
They use indoor shuttlecocks (birdies) so it's quite different if you're used to feathers. They're heavier and make a different sound. I was using a heavy racket and the birdie weighs a ton for me so I didn't have a good game (hindi nakaporma) but it was good pawis!
While I was hanging out in the wash room, I saw in my peripheral vision a blur of flesh. And there was this woman on the weighing scale... naked! Oh well. I think they don't care. Lec told me…
A trip to the land of Mr. Sandman (Neil Gaiman) (Lengthy kwento)

First Day (Sandman here I go!)

This is it, the evening of October 13 (birthday of Conchita) but also the eve of my departure to the land of dreams (home of Mr. Neil Gaiman writer of the Sandman novels). I was not able to sleep (ironic?).

What will you feel if you have finally experienced what you have hoped for in the last four years? It may sound OA but I have wished for this part of the journey for the longest time... and I always said,"To each his own time" (kanyan-kanyang panahon lang) but deep in my heart I had faith that someday I, too can go to the country of Uncle Sam to experience something different even for a limited time.

First leg of the flight(half breed children to almost being the female version of Tom Hanks in the movie terminal)

I had a good flight, long but quite interesting. During the first leg of the flight from Manila to Narita, Japan, I was surrounded by babies and children. They were so c…
A day in the life

I realized that there are moments in one's life when everything seems to be standing still - no action, inertia sets in and you're bored out of your wits. Then you call out to the universe and you make changes... any change, to keep the wheel from stopping. Then, as if the machine was turned on all of a sudden, everything swirls into motion. Everything happens so fast that you realized that you were in some sort of terminal just a few days ago waiting for a new journey ahead.

This past week has been a journey from the past, present and the future. I saw a friend that I haven't seen for about two years. We shared a common point in our life's journey and when I saw her, memories began to play tricks on me. I have to compose myself because the unreality of it all struck me. Someone missing, that got me, and I just looked at her and being the old Anto, acted like nothing was amiss (my defense mechanism). But I missed those times, the people that we wer…