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“You are what you watch…. and other reflections…“

This has been a long weekend for everyone. The Easter week as the Americans would like to term it is my favorite Christian event. I like Christmas, but I think Lent is really the “SEASON”. It is what Christianity is all about. I may have doubts about religion, but I am completely amazed and dazzled by what it can accomplish in our lives and in our civilization as a whole.

I know this may sound blasphemous to some, but I spend the week watching “Sex and The City” marathons. I know God is good…. Fashion is beautiful and beauty is next to Godliness, so why not spend the week looking at fashionable clothes and shoes.

Of the four Sex in the city characters, I really love Samantha the most. She is my idol! If I could look like that and be that empowered at the age of 40 then I can honestly say that I have not lived for naught! Some may find this funny or scandalous but one of my goals when I reach the age of 40 is to have a 20 year old boyfrie…

Goodbye Furry Feathery Bird Friends...

Goodbye Furry Feathery Bird Friends...
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Yehey, I am happy.. no that's an understatement. I am elated to have Richard Gutierrez's face on my blog's main page again! He's so cute. Ok.. I am digressing a bit. I set out to write about the final episode of Mulawin that ended yesterday (March 18, 2005).

How did I catch it? Well, as usual, like how I watched the last episode of Endless Love Autumn Sonata (jenny/johnny) at the bus bound for Pampanga. I can't contain my excitement and thanked the heavens that I got to board a bus showing a broadcast from Channel 7, my heart was singing!

I am a little disappointed because the ending was not that great. I must admit even I found it cheesy but hey, there's Richard! (imagine me screaming his name) in the screen and I can't complain. In the end, Aguiluz and Alwina got to sacrifice their ugatpak (for non Mulawin fans this is the feather that gets inserted into their backs for them to…

the week that was.... starting with norah ending with trump

norah jones
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. This week has been full, it started out with a lot of euphoria when I found out that I passed my MBA exam. Whoopeee! That felt good! I must say that I feel that I studied more during this exam than any of my undergraduate subjects. But the most important thing that I've taken from that experience is the knowledge that I've gain.

Watched norah jones concert after learning the fantastic news! I absolutely hate the guard at Araneta. You know why? As was customary, each guard searched through the belongings of people and I was surprised when it was my turn to be searched, he not only searched my bag but did a body search. It was so fast, I just felt his hand on my upper torso and I suddenly raised my arm in protest and blatantly told him, "Babae po ako!". My God, napagkamalan ba akong lalaki.
It would have a been a totally different story if he was drop dead gorgeous but my God, I felt so violated!

But after that episod…
Tool for forgetful moi...

How to Mind Map (to aid memory retention)
1. Use just key words, or wherever possible images.
2. Start from the center of the page and work out.
3. Make the center a clear and strong visual image that depicts the general theme
of the map.
4. Create sub-centers for sub-themes.
5. Put key words on lines. This reinforces structure of notes.
6. Print rather than write in script. It makes them more readable and memorable.
Lower case is more visually distinctive (and better remembered) than upper
7. Use color to depict themes, associations and to make things stand out.
Anything that stands out on the page will stand out in your mind.
8. Think three-dimensionally.
9. Use arrows, icons or other visual aids to show links between different
10. Don't get stuck in one area. If you dry up in one area go to another branch.
Put ideas down as they occur, wherever they fit. Don't judge or hold back.

Addicted to c2 green tea...

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Like my best friend, I am now totally addicted to C2 Green Tea (Plain Green Tea flavor). I really like how it tastes and the way that it just goes into your tummy without any heavy bloating or aftertaste.

It makes me feel clean and it also is an antidote when you have too much to eat during lunch out treats.
The Top 10 Things To Know About Yourself
Time for reflection....

1. What motivates you.
2. What you react negatively to.
3. What you react positively to.
4. What your gifts/talents are.
5. What addictions/compulsions affect you.
6. How much character/class you have.
7. What interests you greatly.
8. The kind of people who you most enjoy.
9. How aware/sensitized you are.
10. How happy you are.
Necessary Losses...

In life, we get to experience losses in order to grow. We have to lose baby teeth to gain a much stronger enamel, we have to lose our dependence with our parents to be able to grow into more mature individuals... and of course, sometimes we have to bid farewell to people, to friendships because our purpose for being together was already fulfilled.

People grow, sometimes in different directions. You could both dig chocolate cake right now but then, another develops a liking to honey marble, even if the chocolate cake tastes so good and the time you've spent together were great, you have to move on to satisfy the hunger for something else. This might be an infantile comparison or metaphor for what people go through when friendships simply die out. But the basic principle and lesson are the same... sad but true...

But on the positive end, after much unraveling, there are new friendships that grow -new friends that will take you into another road. It's not that…

Examination room...

Exam days...
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Another examination day... and my mind is bleeding!!!! (wala na akong mapiga!). Even my fafa classmate was bleeding... literally... hehehe :) Whaterver happens.... I can only say.. with all conviction... "I've tried my BEST!". If this is just a trial run.. so be it.... but for heaven's sake... I don't want to see a financial statement or even use a calculator for the duration of this week! Profit, Costs, Expenses!!! bonds ,stocks... I had enough please.... the only exam I really liked was MARKETING!

If I were a brand.... I am in the saturation stage... hehehe :) I am not an engineer nor a CPA... but it feels like I've taken a board exam! Shocks... nakakabuang!

And now... the terrible part... the waiting.... tick-tick-tick....

Ating metung a dalaga....

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Gosh.... the second day of our examination.. (ayaw na!). My God, I had a major headache after the exam. I don't want to go through that one again. One consolation: there's a cute guy in our batch taking the exam! wawawee!!! deliciousness!

After that grueling exam, of course.... number one remedy: Food! And of course, I have to go with my shopaholic friend and do some shopping. Argh!

Well, this photo was taken in Oriental (a shop from Clark). You could buy a t-shirt for 20 Php. Mala-ukay-ukay. Surprisingly, there are many people buying stuff again. There was a decline in the number of shoppers when SM Pampanga was built but of course, this is the place when you want to buy stuff at low-low prices! You just have to have your handy calculator with you because the prices are in dollars. So, when you're in the land of Tocino, go to Clark and do some a-shopping!

PS-I've watched the female American idol contestants last night. I …

My bro..

birthday boy
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. March 1 - Today is my first exam day... (let's not talk about that.. hehehe :) ) But today.... is my brother's 22nd birthday! Hip-hip hooray! In our family, we have 3 bday celebrants - my bro, our cousin gene and another cousin kuya louie. Hmmm.. i wonder if they were made in the same day? HAHAHA!

Also celebrating their bday today are: Ron Weasley (the character from the book!)... and King Aragorn from LOTR.

We have a bunch of kewl Pisceans... to all of the above --- HAPPY BDAY!

fourteen years ago...

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. I can't help but LOL when someone sent this picture to me... reminiscent of my freshman year in high school. We were tagged as the Pinatubo kids. Just two weeks in high school and Mt Pinatubo erupted.

Look at the sandlike thingey the guys in front are standing on. Yup, that came from Pinatubo.

Those were the days.... we only attended school three times a week. We had no classes for a month. And because our school was an evacuation center some of us held classes in the Pampanga Convention Center.

Taray diba? Classes, overlooking the track oval. Hay... high school layf!