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Disneyyyy.. the most magical place on earth (part 1 muna)

Back to reality... but the magic will always be with me.. thanks to Mr Walt Disney and to my good friends (Maby and Congee). Longer post to follow..

My poohh...

The Third party...


Go TO DISNEY!!!!! Potangina, hindi kayo magsisisi :)


Every time I start the car's engine, I play track number 5 of Marie Digby's CD (Stupid for you). All my passengers will have a distinct memory of the song that I was into during the time that I was their driver. Last year, it was Nickelback, Daughtry, James Morrison and Wicked. Now, it's all DIGBY.

Just a couple of hours ago, I saw her in person. The concert venue was small so I get to see her just a few "talsik ng laway" away. Her skin is luminous. She has a slight resemblance to KC Conception. She plays the guitar like Barbie. Now, I can't get her smile out of my head.... hayyy...

From Me to We...

True happiness lies when we think of others welfare before our own. I have heard this many times and of course, this is better said than done because the natural state of things is that for us to think about our own id, ego and how our needs are going to be met.

Taking care of an injured friend has taught me so many things. I asked him what the universe is saying to him and he answered,"be kind to your body... ". Yes, hinay hinay sa basketball at tayo ay karne lamang. :)

On my part, I have learned that I am happiest when I make people happy and comfortable. I should have been a nurse or a physical therapist ala Grace Anatomy. By looking outside, I am forced to look back in and see what is important in life.

To think of others before oneself but not to give up one's personhood is a tough
balance. But again, the race is long and in the end the battle is only against oneself.

I dig DIGBY!!!!

My bestfriend fell for this girl so I checked out her videos and I was totally floooreedd... Enjoy!


I remembered we were walking along the Mega strip and it was late, both of us were tired. While walking, I just sang this song without no particular reason and then I realized, ooopps.. "Where did that come from?" Ngak, ang corny.