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Random Thingeys...

I have been in some sort of hiatus for the past few months from blogging. This is something new since I was the sort of person who did daily or weekly updates! This was my way of sharing my thoughts and stories with my friends.

Just to share something to the universe, here are just some random thoughs and events from the past few months.
Mommie's baking exploits - Car has been experimenting on new recipes and I am the very willing guinea pig. Lately, she is into baking! Scones (well, she did a great job for someone who hasn't tasted scones before), red velvet cake, tuffet pudding, brownies, and carrot cake with Rosie.

We don't have an oven here (yes, that is Car's frustration) but dahon has been a gracious host and always lends us her kitchen for some sumptuous cooking and baking.

My latest favorite is Mommie's tortilla and empanada! She also makes a very yummy hummus mix!
UFC! I love the UFC - Reality Show! I disco…