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Cock-smacking galore...

Two consecutive weeks of badmintoning... the first tourney was RBO (a project badminton competition) and the second one was a company-wide tournament.

In my first tourney, we were a mixed pair... I know... there are still people who would ask Cris and I if we play mixed doubles and all we could do is stare at them and wonder... "do I look like a guy or does cris look like a girl..." But Cris is bald so.... hmmm... my androgynous side again I guess....

Last Saturday, I played women's doubles with a fellow girl employee. This was the second time that I get to play with her and the first time was during leveling. But for first time partners, we played good!

She asked me if I play back or front... I laughed because the thought that came to my head was if I like to be top or bottom... hahaha.. Of course, I am a front net player, hihihi... at the peril of having a black eye.

During one of our games, my guy project mates were watching the game and they were…
Jessica Zafra's Podcast

I am now listening to Zafra's first podcast. She's so nice! I don't know if this is a compliment or I might get maimed. She's so tame... maybe she's mellowing with age =p

Jessica's Podcast
Blogging at the peril of catching the Eye of Uncle Sam...

My eyes really are getting heavy, Herculean effort just to stay awake in front of my PC. What to do? Do I have the guts to blog? Yes, I believe this is my right as a human being... so therefore... I blog.

Porshie Spice suggested that I write about Christmas, "wat it means to me now... wat it meant to u wen u wer a kid or when u where younger...a newly employed girlash free from school." hmmm... where will I start?

I told her that I don't have special sentiments about Christmas. I don't like Christmas. I am no scrooge, but of all Christian traditions or season (I forgot the term), I love the Lenten Season the most.

Oh... there's something I like, the colorful trimmings on the christmas tree, even the hideous decorations in our building... make me shudder just by looking at it. I like bibingka and puto bungbong. I love family gatherings even if I just sit in one corner and eat. hehehe...

When I was younger, I a…
Bye, Bye Quarter life Crisis?

Is this true? Are we finally through it? Is this for real? Finally, battle scars are healed and there is a lull (total acceptance and contentment?)... The PAX period has arrived for my peer group. I think...

When we were younger, when we get together we talk about the future and of course, we talk about disappointments at work, their love lives, my non-existent partner and the world who just wouldn't understand. We are such idealistic fools! But now, here we are older, wiser? Not sure... but definitely tamer... and more at peace with who we are and where we are headed.

It's a cycle... every 10 years.. each of us encounters a period of warring emotions, sentiments and something that we can't describe nor pinpoint. Adolescent angst 15-16, then quarter-life from 22-26 then mid-life cris... 33-37 then the dreaded menopausal period between the age of 45-50 for women (maybe, later for men... yes, there is a thing as Male Menopause).

It's really w…
And the magic continues???

I didn't watch this movie on the first day. I was adamant that I should only watch this movie on Movie night (one of our company's perks -- thankful am I). I really loved Harry Potter III (Prisoner of Azkaban)-both the movie and the book so I guess I wasn't expecting much from the fourth movie... only effects, effects, and of course beautiful boys.

It didn't fail me on these aspects. The effects were magical... as if I was transported in Rowlin's magical realm. I liked the hairstyles, the look and feel of the movie and the innate "unrealness" of the surroundings. The castle's architecture and the ground landscape were derived from the third movie (i.e. the long bridge). It's a mix-match of the previous movies. The goblet of fire was amazing.

I liked the mix of actors. The foreign look of the students from the other two schools was a welcome relief (loving the fire breather). I liked the eclectic uniforms. And the Yu…
Random thoughtsy...

I can't find the digital image of that darn Bench Billboard of Rafael Rosell that is too hot for the Guadalupe bridge to handle (and the educators of a certain private university). I now know why that side of town is always in a state of heavy traffic. Who can't resist that pose? Gosh, all together now, lick finger then put in poster... "ssssssssiiiizzzzlinggg...."

"Ok, so the new proxy will block yahoo mail. That's fine with me. "
"The newer proxy will block multiply. No probs, Anto typing away..."
"The newest proxy will block flickr (gulp), photobucket (oh no.. my world turns helter skelter.. and it will also block Blogspot! (Oh my gosh... time to convert... it's the end of the world! waaahhhhhhhhhhh!)"
I have to make most of my weekend blogging, what was this week like? Hmmm... first of all it was Porshie Spice's Birthday! woohooo! Go girl!

Need to post this...

Sam Milby of PBB is straight! Why? For the life of me, I am not a bit attracted to him. That my friends is a sign. I have seen him in the flesh with his mother and sister (Footloose musical) but no "amp!".

A friend Ate Karenina even bought a guitar because of Sam. Well, I hope he's not just a "one time hit" and may he outlast his 15 minutes of fame.