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Things I love about Manila

Why do you still want to stay here in the Philippines?

- Why not? Listed below are some realizations I had these past few days:
1. Lots of friends, family and others...
2. Where else will you experience an earthquake and everyone is crowding around and laughing? And everyone has the same line, "Nahihilo lang ba ako oh lumilindol?" We put humour in everything....
3. Hotels are the new militiary standoffs. High brow places? Nahhh... machine guns lang katapat niyan at si Trillanes. The great equalizer, military power... so in a way, everything is relatively fair.... Imagine, wedding mo and then apprearance the manongs in military outfitzzz. the best!
4. Yesterday, a gay bar offered to have their rooms rented for those staying until the military curfew is lifted? Curfew? That's just another opportunity to extend PARTY TIME! :) I was thinking of going out at 1 am just to know what will happen to me, but I fell asleep at …
The Law of Attraction

Thoughts - Become - Reality

I am a firm believer of this. What you think, you become... It is imperative that you have a mindset of what you would want to be in the future, where you want to be, and you should have a clear image of your goals... down to the outfitzz...

If you don't tell the universe what you want, then the universe will just sway your life, every which way.. kaya.. "nawawalan ng direksyon ang buhay..."

Express and recreate yourself often. Everything is fluid and there are no absolutes.. be free... and just be....


Falling in love is a leap to the unknown. Yes, Librans fall in love with a dream... there is danger in this. A dream can be different from reality and that's when conflict starts. But right now, I am satisfied with my dream... We make our reality... and I chose mine... as long as we're happy, I guess that is what's important...

MRT Value Ticket

It lasted for as long as my MRT value ticket can hold the rides to be with the ex-The One. Last bonus ride, it ended.

I bought a new MRT Value ticket this week, wondering if...

Tuloy ang ligaya...

Back to normal, after having a date with myself (avoid Beauwolf! (tama ba spelling?)I slept throughout the whole thing), I realized that life is indeed beautiful!

One thing about chuvaness, is having the energy to play basketball and for the first time in my career, gathered 4 fouls!!! (hindi naman masyado mainit ulo ko noh? wehehehe :))

Also, I realized that you must be strong on your own BUT having a wonderful set of friends doesn't hurt. I love them! Globe? globe! :) mwah!

NEXT chuva!

Kaya nagugunaw ang mundo...

While combing my hair, remarked by number one..."Bright ka talaga..."
"Oo naman.. ako pa.. " (of course, being the egotistical person that I am answered)..
"Yung buhok mo... parang Scotch Brite.... pagupit ka na nga!" (oki... background music... wang.. wang.. wang... ego points lost..) but that made me laugh.. HAHAHA!


Not in a million years will I think that I will be put in this situation. It's like I am acting out a part in a mushy, noon telenovela, as in! As if each scene was choreographed for TV. But hey, the good part is, I now know that it happens, the scenes that I watch that make me cringe with mush attack anxiety can happen in real life.




I have been doing some sort of mini-survey with my friends and officemates these past few days. It's in the air maybe, the need to be loved and be loved.. bwehehehe ... so, my question was: "How will you know if you already love a person? (Pano mo malalaman kung mahal mo na ang isang tao?"

Here are the top answers:
- You just know (ever the romantics..)
- If your world is enlarged because of the experience because sometimes your world is confined to you and your significant other and that thwarts your growth as a person.
- If you look into the future with him/her on the picture
- If you miss …
Watching the wheels

Yeah, I know, I am a big Lennon fan, and I am big believer in the slogan, "This is not here." I have been reduced to looking for songs that aptly describe my situation right now. I know, this is just plain laziness on my part since I can't put what I feel into words. And background music suddenly appearing out of nowhere doesn't help :) bwehehehe :)

But I am still amazed on how things fall into place. This may not be the perfect situation from an outsider's perspective but at this time and sphere of reality, on my little garden, this is what I need. I can't save the world but I sure hell can take care of my own garden :)

Song for the moment:
Stand by me
When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we see
No I won't be afraid
No I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darling, darling stand by me
Oh, now, now, stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble …
Background music in real life

Love is drugs, and it's a vice.

Have you ever felt that you're in some sort of surreal scene in which the universe conspires to send background music while you're talking and shet, the music hits the spot. I am not sure if it's just me but I can just laugh.

This song has a cool message:

With so many roads that seem to lead down to the sea,
I wonder which road will be the right one for me.
Others may fall away, dead ending left and right.
But there is this one road that journeys far out aside.

Have you wondered where your road will lead you?
Maybe to a bright day of sunshine,
or a starry night in heaven.
Or it might be you're afraid to go, afraid to go,
But you've got to follow your road,
or you'll never know, never know.

We are all but travelers living in a foreign land,
Just trying to find our way best as we can.
Looking for an answer, trying to find some light
And though we have journeyed far,
it?s not quite f…