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My struggle with weight

Since I could remember, I was always the fat girl. I came into this world weighing 8lbs and ever since my first cry - I was overweight.

I didn't mind this when I was growing up, I was considered cute and cuddly. My mom's officemate refer to me as Patsie. They get to feed me when I go to my mama's office and since I don't like to play games with the other kids, being fat was no big deal. I just wanted to eat and watch TV :).

Trouble began when I entered high school. Fat is no longer cute. In fact, my classmates ridicule me and boys on the street point to me and call me "baboy". My revenge then was studying. I would read my books and do my homework since I don't have the sense of belonging with my thin classmates.

When I began college, I stopped eating. Well, I ate but I restricted it so that I could become thin. It worked, my weight went down to 145 lbs. I was accepted and always praised since "seksi ka na ngayon".

Don't Settle

The death of Steve Jobs made me realized that there are lessons that he preached that I have done in my life. I never settled for anything less than what I loved. My most recent decision to leave a managerial job was because I was turning into a person that was not true to my beliefs and my spiritual style.

I didn't love my work then. Each day, waking up was a chore. I was a working zombie... a machine. I didn't like the feeling of telling people policies that I didn't personally believe in and didn't understand. I felt like a pawn and it was killing me inside. Thus, I made a change to work for something that excites me.

In my own way, I became true to my spirit and to the universe and it rewarded me with true happiness. If you really feel miserable, do something about it. Life is short and live it the way your spirit intended it before you were born.

Amen? Amen!