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Hair baggage,

I have left pieces of me in Minneapolis, particularly almost 3 pounds of hair. Yep, disposed my long curls for a short crew cut (basta maikli sya.. ) and of course, my fabulous friends Consi and Concha dyed me hair red... at ngayon... tinitignan ko sya sa mirror.. red nga.. :) sa tuwing makikita ko itoh.. I'll remember the two C's who persuaded me to color me hair :)

Labs it :)

Avril Lavigne rocks pala :)

Saved the best for last hoorah...
Gay Pride in Minnesotttaahahhh....

One of the things I like about Minnesota is the diversity. People come from different nationalities and of course, different gender identifications. Early June, I saw the flyers, "Twin Cities Pride". Oh my, the gay parade! I am going to catch it, I made a mental note! Then, I totally forgot about it.

Yesterday, I went to Loring Park on my way to the lakes. I don't know why, but I just felt I needed to go out. Then, I saw two men holding hands. Ooohh.. how sweet. Then further down, I saw two women kissing... hmmm... then lo and behold, I saw booths with the rainbow flag a flying. It's the Gay Festival Weekend... whoopee!

So, I just walked around and observed. There was a band playing, and men and women (at this point, I can no longer differentiate if what I am seeing is a gay man or a gay woman, androgynous talaga) just walking around holding hands.

I learned that the gay parade will be this Sunday. So, I called Conchita and Fluffy, we…
Last few days in the land of Sandman...

I am in the final two weeks of my stay here in Minneapolis. Excited to go home and see our new place in Boni (near our new building) and reconnect to my friends and family. I have been a changed person (all of us are changing every moment so this is just part of who we are). Who could have thought that this will be the ending of this adventure. A few more days, and I'll be back to reality. :)

All is Energy...

Positive energy... aaahhh .. uhhmmmm... :) This will be part of my Quantum Thinking chuva. Life is short to spend it on negativity. Move forward with purpose...

"Where do you find the energy to move forward? It is all around you, in every situation and occurrence.

There is energy in joy, and there is also energy in frustration. There is energy in peace, and energy in sadness as well.

All of it is energy that you can choose to direct toward positive purposes. The particular source of the energy is not nearly as important as what you decide to do with it.

There is no end to the supply of raw energy coming into your life. And you have the opportunity to make meaningful use of it all.

If your life has no guiding purpose, all that energy, coming from so many directions, will keep you in a constant state of turmoil. Or, you can harness that energy and let it all move you powerfully toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

Every moment of every day, life's energy is coming …
Maritess and the superfriends

Yeah, I know, I am a later bloomer, been watching Comedy Central and also I came across this and I was laughing so hard.... hahahaha...

Grabeh, Laughter is really the best medicine.

All for the best

Fate has an amazing sense of humor but behind it is a purpose that may seem chaotic but has an order that you can't help but smile.

Being in an on-shore unreal environment, you get to observe how people will react without their natural support systems. You get to stir some things here and there and you have excitement. People can be predictable sometimes and you will realize that reality is really malleable. They might think you're not in control but in reality you are. Funny that everyone got what they wanted and all turned out for the best.

Human drama can beat boredom I tell you. I was glad that we had lots of it here.

New York Memory

When I watched the movie "Before Sunrise", I already told myself that one day I should try to travel by my lonesome to experience the floating sensation of a long distance trip. It was said that when you travel, you become detached from who you are and unreality will set in eventually.

I guess I needed time to lose myself into something. Too much id, I had it with I, me, mine thoughts.

So, last week, I embarked on a journey that involved the longest bus ride of my life (35 hours!) and to meet up with my past so I can create my future.


I went to New York by riding a bus, yep, a Greyhound bus.which I now look at with misty eyes.

I was in that bus for what felt like forever and I enjoyed observing the passengers and eavesdropping in their conversations. Yep, I was scared, especially of the "Egoys" and the loud mouthed Mexicans but as a whole, they were good people who just have…
Chicago Part 2 ...

Chicago Landscape.... sige goeessss... :)

Mas malaki, para makita yung mga cute utaws of Minnea :)