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Status.... Updates...

What am I up to these days? Well, aside from typing the words status, updates and concerns almost everyday, I am in a state of contentment. Thanks to classes in qui-jong (pronounced as "CHI-GONG") and my pangangarir sa sports and the gym.

I always laughed at the old adage that if you're stressed, panicked or confused, you should just breathe. I realized that air is very important in rejuvenating one's spirit (or chi). It really helps! I realized that I have been running on low batt (spirits-wise) and qui-jong really helped me in finding my true self (naks.. showbiz).

Try qui-jong! It works!
I likey my horoscope for the day...

It's true that everything changes -- but nothing is ever lost. If you're dealing with a lot of upheaval or unexpected change, keep that in mind. Whatever has gone before will always be with you in some fashion.
Don't give up on Filipino Movies...

I watched the latest Juday-Piolo flick "Don't give up on us". I psyched myself to be bored to death and to crop out in my mind Judy Anne's face in every scene. But surprisingly, I liked it... or at least half of the movie.

In the first part of the movie, we see Abby (Judy Anne Santos), a highly successful advertising executive living the high life. She seemed to have everything... a kick-ass house, great family support system, a good-looking boyfriend and of course, those bangs! She reminded me of the young Sharon Cuneta.

Then, at the bridal shower of her brother's fiance (who also was her best friend) Sab, she found out that her matchmaking strategy of putting her brother and best friend didn't quite work out as expected. Sab, eloped with another guy leaving one clue: a tape containing a voice-over professing the speaker's love for Sab and then the song "Don't Give Up on Us" by an artist in Baguio nam…

Strike a pose! Theatre! (aliw)

Strike a pose! Theatre! (aliw)
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Last friday, the triple birthday bash (weeeehhh!) and "the good couple's despedida" (awwwwww....)...

I started it... and zoolander ended it. Powerful!
Necessary Losses...

There are some instances in our lives when we try to grapple and find the reason to hold on to what exists... what is tangible... what is frighteningly familiar. Sometimes we stubbornly fail to realize that we need change in order to survive. But of course, seasons come and seasons go and there is nothing new under the sun.

I am getting tired of saying goodbyes... but without goodbyes, we'll never see the importance and beauty of hellos. Some go to far off places, some go far from our hearts (this is the most painful loss because we can never blame geography or lifestyle in growing apart). It's an inevitable part of our life's journey.

You never realize the importance of something until it's taken away from you. Cliches and these old sayings stand the test of time because these are universal truths.


Loving the Pussycat Dolls and Sugarbabe. Both groups have a half-Filipina singer. The songs are cheesy but hey... guilty pleasure! I miss the Spice…

Publicist Confirms Jolie Is Pregnant

Angelina Jolie is expecting a baby this summer with Brad Pitt, finally affirming the long-presumed relationship previously only glimpsed on African beaches and in paparazzi snapshots.

Pitt's publicist, Cindy Guagenti, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Jolie is pregnant and that Pitt is the father, confirming People magazine's earlier report.

"Yes, I'm pregnant," the magazine quoted Jolie as telling a charity aid worker Monday in the Dominican Republic, where she is filming "The Good Shepherd" with Matt Damon.

The news comes one month after papers were filed to make Pitt the adoptive father of Jolie's two children. Jolie sought to change the names of the children to Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

Pitt accompanied Jolie to Ethiopia in July to pick up Zahara, now 1. Jolie's adopted son, now 4, is from Cambodia.

Jolie's father, Jon Voight, was reached Wednesda…
"Sweet message..."

As I was preparing for work just the other day, I head from my radio (my only contact to the outside world at my boring bhaws) the new song by Rob Thomas, "Ever be the Same". I swear, Rob Thomas has a very masculine, hunting voice!

It's so sweet. I know there are rumours that Rob is the new "boy-toy" of Tom Cruise. Boy... that's hot! But this one line from the song, is a really "hayyy... moment (oh shocks, how romantic achoo-choo)" .

"Just let me hold you while you're falling apart
Just let me hold you so we both fall down."

Ok, imagine Rob singing to Tom Cruise, the scene is one of those scary moments from War of the Worlds... Ain't that sweet? Awwwww.... so cute...

Note: The long wait is over! Here is Jessica's second Pod--cast:
Twisted podcast, Episode 2
"And so I boxed..."

"If you can't hit the person you hate, just hire someone you could hit (of course referring to a trainer wearing protective hand gloves."

It was so much fun! I like the punching and hitting part. Just imagine that you're hitting someone you super dislike or (whatever makes your blood pressure to soar) and you'll have a good workout!
"Restless feeling"

I have my pride (I know, I am childish, stubborn and unyielding) but of course... this too shall pass. For now, my best regards to someone... happy birthday!

Funny Family Conversations

AIM conversation with bro:
Bro: may gift na ako sa iyo... effort ha.... mahal pala nun...
Moi: ano yun.... rubber shoes???
Bro: nge.. isang buwang sweldo ko na yun...
Moi: Lalake?
Bro: you wish...
Moi: basta gusto ko matangkad, matalino, sensitive, reads books, specifically fantasy and philosophical books...
Bro: impossible ata yun...
Moi: che! he might be gay but still...


I have always thought that I inherited my Phoebe-likeness from my mama... just today, I left my one and only cellfone at home in Laharlandia. So given that my cellphone is also my sole alarm clock I have to go home to get it.

Upon entering the house, my mother told me a very funny thing.

When she found my celphone, she immediately texted me..."Naiwan mo celphone mo,"
[ you left your cellphone at home. ] Confused, she heard my cellphone beeped and vibrated... then realization struck her.. "Eureka..." (Enter cue music from Going Bulilit...) I can't stop from …
"Heller 2006! Argh! "

What a way to start the year! So early in the morning at about 5:00 AM to be exact as is my schedule every Monday, I had a fight with the bus conductor. I know, I shouldn't give in to anger during this confrontations because whatever happens I could never win. But he just got into me... well, thank heavens that I don't have a gun... grrr!

I have a very non-confrontational stance, peaceful and gentle disposition but when provoked... take cover! I try so hard to keep that part of me at bay and when I unleash it I only have regret and guilt afterwards so I do my damndest to tame my volcanic temper.

When I was younger I was able to punch a playmate and see him bleed, I think I spoil my brother now because we always fought when we were children. Of course, being the bigger one, I always do something to him that will merit a spanking from my mom. So, to compensate, I always let him win in any of the games.

That's why I am not that aggressive anymore…