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Great day!

Food for thought

Be honest with yourself, and with everyone else as well. There are some things you like and other things you dislike, and that's just fine.
Be fully accepting of yourself, and of others as well. You are who you are, with your dreams and passions, preferences and interests, and each person is delightfully unique.

What you run from or hide from or seek to deny, grows bigger and more influential as a result. By getting things out in the open, by seeing them for what they truly are, you become free of their control.

You are where you are and life is the way it is. The more completely you accept it, the more power you have to do something about it.

This moment carries enormous opportunity. No positive purpose is served by fighting against it.

Instead, accept what is, the way you are, the way you feel, and the things that life has brought to you. Then you can make the very most of it all.

Office grapevine, Love and honor, and the power of the void

August and September are the most emotion-filled months in the office. Promotions and ratings decisions are announced during this time period. As such, you can imagine the endless chat sessions that involve the office grapevine about who’s going to be promoted, who’s deserving and who's not (well, this is relative of course). Office network (not the computer network), the local grapevine is very fast and you should be loyal to it for it will tell you what you needed to know.

It is faster than the company memo and more often than not, it's reliable. I can't help but smile when news that was just released in the morning about an office triumvate romance was cascaded throughout the whole group in Manila, Canada and Australia in just a couple of minutes. Don't underestimate the office neural network; it travels in the speed of light.

I sometimes pity the top executives. Of c…
New trend on Love teams! and the week that was...

Imagine my delight when I found out, that there's a new "love team" on Pinoybiz! Fafa Piolo and Sam (Fafa is Piolo's new title), I can't seem to say his name without the Fafa. They look so cute together, although I must admit that Piolo is so much cuter than Sam! I so look forward to the movie that they'll make with of course, Eric Quizon in tow. Who else will be on the movie? Eric Santos, and of course, Dolphy and Roderick Paulate. That will be loads of fun!

I was shocked when I found out that GMA 7 is destroying the girl that they made. Yes, the angelic, Angel Locsin (redundant repeating?). I pity the girl. Of course, there are arguments to the contrary but she just looks so helpless... awwww... She is the local Lana Lang in my opinion.

Well, ABS-CBN should make it worth it! I am now thinking of a partner for Angel among ABS-CBN's roster.... hmmmmm ..... another hmmmmm... the caliber of Richard Gut…
Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while.. A day to be proud of Philippine Cinema

Pogs called me and asked if I want to watch Tempation Island. Light bulbs at the top of my head flickered. Jessica Zafra loved this film and she said that this film was so bad, it was great! So, without batting an eyelash, I said.. "Goezzz me!"

OMIGOD! I can't thank Pogie enough. This was bad Filipino film at its finest. Grabeh, potah, ang ganda! I was laughing throughout the duration of the movie. Classic one-liners that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

Fist off, we were queueing to get inside the cinema (Megamall was hosting the Cine Filipino Classic festival). As I was talking to Pogie, I realized that it's like a gay smorgasbord. Every guy as far as my myopic eyes could see is glaringly gay! But of course, ladies of taste will line up to see this film, hihihihi.

This was a movie about a crew from a yacht filled with the finalists for the Ms. Manila Sunshine contest…