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Old Boy and Nostalgia

I had my first burst of US nostalgia last Saturday morning when I watched the sumptuous movie, "Little Manhattan" with dahon, pogs and kat. The movie was surprisingly good and made a little "kirot" to the heart but not in the cheesy mushy way. The boy in the movie always went around Manhattan on his scooter and every street corner reminded me of the weekend last June when I strolled around New York. Central Park! I loved it! I want to come back, New York, New York!


I also loved the weekend Salcedo Market where dahon took us for breakfast. It reminded me of the market in Minneapolis where I tasted Brats sausage with Congee, Marky and the Concha.


"I am tired of Hollywood movies, please recommend a good movie!", I asked roland the movie critic last week. I wanted an out of the norm movie and as they say, be careful what you wish for and it may come true. I got... "Old Boy"! Oh my gosh, this was made in a &qu…
And so we read... (HARRY POTTER BOOK 7 SPOLIERS AHEAD, as in!)

Yesterday (July 21) was the day every Harry Potter fan has been waiting for years. The last book in the series! I felt that everyone canceled all of their gimmicks and opted to stay at home and had a book marathon. What would happen? Will Harry live or die? Will Voldemort mend his ways and go to the good side? Is Voldemort really Harry's grandfather? Bwehehehehehe...

I had to finish the book (yep, I will fail the marshmallow test, low EQ)! My laundry had to wait; I just soaked them in water and powdered detergent. I miss having a 2-in-1 washing machine and dyer... waah... The hours passed, I only had to stop reading when I had lunch with my good friend Cookie and gave her the books that she ordered. We were talking about the book the whole time and I felt that she also can't wait to start reading. Gerry Bear also was excited to read the book and he also had his own predictions (Tagalized version). Sooo.... what will …
Androgynous Identity and my "boyfriend" for the night

"Boss, get a number..." I didn’t look at him at first but then I realized that the bank security guard was asking me to get a number for the queue. Anak ng! I think sporting a short hair will increase the probability of me being body searched again.
When I entered the mall, there were two arrows, one for males and one for females. As I was entering, the male guard was preparing to inspect my bag, but then I hurried to the female guard then I heard her muttered, "babae (female)" to her fellow guard.
My friend Justin and I watched the latest Harry Potter film. It was good! But of course, my favorite HP film is still Azkaban (Alfonso rocks!). It was late so we rode the taxi and as he was the first one to get off, manong driver asked me, "San nakatira boyfriend mo... (Where does your boyfriend live?). Without batting an eyelash, I just told him the he lives somewhere north.

I didn't correct hi…
Baptist and Muslim Weddings and Weddings of the future…

I had been in two weddings this week; one wedding was a cultural experience of how an Islamic wedding is and the other a kind of reconnection with the people I work with.

There is a mini-fountain inside the cake... wow!

A couple of weeks ago, my Muslim co-worker persuaded me to extend my fly home for a couple of days so I could attend his wedding. He was one of the kindest souls I have known so how could I say no? He told us that in the reception, the men would be separated from the women. We didn’t anticipate that we are going to be in two separate rooms like we were attending two separate weddings. I didn’t get to see my friend Abelskie until the end of the ceremony (wow, why does it feel that Minnea was a separate world right now?).

The bride was covered from head to foot; she was wearing a hood that covered her face. If a man aside from her husband, enters the room where the women are staying, she had to cover her face entire…
Reconnecting.. connecting.... hello?

Not a moment to lose, texted/emailed me friends and scheduled gimiks with them. Lam mo naman mga utaw ng Manila, iba iba ang chorma. First off, reconnect to my family, I asked my brother what's the latest music / bands in the OPM scene. Sadness, not much change.... well, Rivermaya disbanded... ayown...

My mom and brother took my hair change well. My dad just looked at me kinda strange..hahahaha... When I was working at my PC, my mom called me, "Thony", she mistook me for my brother...hahaha, well, mother, red buhok ko..hahahahaha...

Hay... I am truly back.. and I am loving the heat.. although, it's a shock to my system at first, pero loves it... :)

Looking forward to new adventures.... in the land of chaos and humid hotness...

Thank you

How can I compare the person who landed here in Minneapolis last October 2006 and the person who will leave in about seven hours? They are two different people, the past not knowing that the future will turn out that way and the present just amazed that there's such a thing as fate. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

Thank you to the people who have made my stay here so memorable. It was fun hanging out with you guys. See yah around!