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Showing posts from June, 2004
Once in your life you wonder if this is what it's all about. I know that it's just a preview of what my life ahead will be. I know there's hope and faith that I would stray from being too much self-absorbed. Now I realize that fault that is at work in my life. I am eager to receive love. I love to be able to receive love. Hmmm.. is there's something wrong with wanting to be loved? Is this selfishness? Or just plain human nature...

I have looked into this introduction by Paulo Coelho as a guide:
At some point, we have each said through our tears, "I'm suffering for a love that's not worth it." We suffer because we feel we are giving more than we receive. We suffer because our love is going unrecognized. We suffer because we are unable to impose our own rules.

But ultimately there is no good reason for our suffering, for in every love lies the seed of our growth. The more we love, the closer we come to spiritual experience. Those who are truly enlighte…