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After 40 yrs, traversed the 25K

I was not a physically active child. In fact, I was a blob of flesh when I was growing up. I was a klutz, I would walk and greet my mother when she comes inside the house from work and I'll fall down and I had bruises all over. During play, I was always the "saling pusa" because no team will take me.

I was not born for sports but I tried my best. As I was running the 25K, what kept me going is the desire to prove for myself that it doesn't take a fit (what society dictates as 'fit') body to do this. All you need is a desire, a goal.

For me, the mere fact that I could participate in sports is a major achievement.

The night before the race, I was apprehensive because I was afraid that I was mad to go for the 25 K. I might be the heftiest runner in that category. I was expecting experienced, elite runners (thinking Nancy Navolta physique). But the hell, I made my decision and having two weeks of preparation (Guru Cads will kill me…
A love so hard to find, but for someone who has not long to live or a love so normally subtle and sweet but would last a lifetime?

I've seen and witnessed two stories of love... and I just smile to the universe by letting me be a life voyeur once again.

I attended a wedding of two people, their love is as soothing as the summer breeze, the type that will herald grandchildren and athritic massages at their dying day. In short a love that will last.

A friend who I haven't seen for a long time has this story to tell. It's poignantly true and is not a product of my imagination.

She found someone who she really liked, they dated and then like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the guy was acting weird on their date. Worried she asked the guy what was wrong and she found out that the guy has the Big C.

Oh my gawd, it was so weird and unreal for me.

But being the presumptuous being as I am, I told her that she needs him in this journey. She chose this predicament we don't know w…
What's all the fuss?

-- photo courtesy of dahon...

Venting mode:
I love this cozy restaurant. This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Hello, we can think for ourselves!!! Of course, we didn't discuss much inside the restaurant, they might have put something in our food.

I don't have strong opinions on religion but I have strong convictions on freedom and the exercise of free will. Who are thou to tell us what to think!

"Imagine no religion, living life in peace..." -- John Lennon

Pahabol: I feel so proud of fayeatot! She was also unable to keep her peace on the bigotry of some supposed guardians of the faith and the government. Read her opinion published on our favourite newspaper - Faye's Inquirer Artik

Look at the four of my office badminton buddies at the back
- "Are you guys here to support me or to go ogle at my pretty partner? hihihihi"

Bob Ong vs Jessica Zafra?

I am not an elitista (I am the most jologs person that you'll ever meet at the 26th floor of a certain building). But I have some form of malady with regards to reading Tagalog and Capampangan words, I can't really comprehend them well. It takes me a long time to finish one page of a Tagalog novel (I am a fast reader of English books, sometimes to the detriment of my comprehension). So when I try to read Bob Ong's books I really have difficulty. I have read them all except one (Ang libro ni Hudas I believe?). But I persevere because I love Bob Ong.

So far, my favorite is his latest book, "Stainless Longanisa". It has a really nice cover and these book critics really have great things to say about it:

"wow! Konti na lang ang typo!" -J.K. Rowling
"Super pwede na!" -Dan Brown

Who wouldnt' buy that book?
Can we really compare Bob Ong to Jessica Zafra? I don't think so. They're both …
The more brilliant star...

I am a fan of Sarah Geronimo but when I heard her last Sunday at ASAP, I noticed that there was a change in the timbre of her voice. It might be my imagination but I think all the singing (I imagine her vocal chords screaming for some R&R) is taking its toll. She must get some rest!

But when she sang "Bituing Walang Ningning" I can't help but compare her to the Megastar Sharon Cuneta (or her ghost singer at that time). I like the original, even if "mahangin" and nasal, the song interpretation of Ate Shawi was full of emotion.

When Sharon sings, "Lunurin mo ako sa lilim ng iyong pagmamahal", you can really feel that she's really drowning (not literally) but fully immersed in love. This song can literally be in your head the whole day... talk about big-time LSS (last song syndrome).

But heck, I was just telling my brother that they never create Tagalog songs like they used to. Rey Valera, Vehnee Saturno, where art thou?…
Pipe, pipe, pipe away, dragging me heavy still....

"and the piper pipes them away,
towards the land of opportunity,
leaving behind old skin and memories,
of which i'll always stay... "

goodbye my friends.. and thank you.... for the brief moments we share...
i'll treasure them always...

there might not be any rhyme in this, just some random thoughts of someone who suddenly realized that everyone has gone away.... and there's just this silence... and the empty, hollow, feeling in the pit of my stomach... (gutom lang siguro.. hahaha :) )

i am tired of saying goodbye :(

United! United! Go MORPowers!

United! United! Go MORPowers!
Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Oh my.. this is it! Karir na itoh! :)
This is not here...

Oh my Gawd!.. Ano daw?... What da monument??? Am I real? Where am I? There's something that went to my brain and messed up my psyche when I read the Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami!

I was surprised when I bought this book and went to Dahon's place to get something and saw a copy of the Wind Up Bird Chronicle on her countertop table (with a different publication and cover). Talk about synchronicity. There must be a star/moon alignment in Libra to read something Alice in Wonderlandish lately.

I cant't describe this book correctly in my opinion. It just tickled my mind and imagination and of course, the words.. the arrangement of words was mouth agaping.

It's a book not to be understood and deciphered in the usual sense. You just have to accept it. No explanations... You have to just devour it... You have to turn off something in your logical brain and just let the right side do the reading.. but in the long run it can be tiring so I have to s…
In the tradition of... and other ramblings

In the tradition of dahon's 10 favorite things, here is a list of my own.

1. Food! Especially Chocos, Coffee and anything with sugar basically.

2. Books that I can totally relate to. I like books with interesting characters and
a good writing style. Sometimes I don't care about the meaning, it's the way the
writer arranges the words beautifully together.

Like poetry, it can be as anal as the way the clouds drift across the sky but if
Browning or Neruda tries to describe it, it may not make sense logically but
beautiful words are very tantric sometimes.

3. Music! Music! Music! Musicals, rock, and you can't go wrong with the Beatles

4. A good Ebs... Amen!

5. The feeling of accomplishment after a seemingly herculean task. It really is true
that it's not the destination but the journey that matters in life.

6. Being with good friends, and interesting people, whatever the activity. A hearty
meal, c…

Up Close with Zaturnah

Originally uploaded by amazonangbading. Picture with Zsa-zsa Zaturnah (Eula Valdez)... yun lang...

I just realized the we, Filipinos, are truly a matriarchal society.

The true American Hero is either Superman or Captain America but we Filipinos call for DARNA in times of trouble! Proof?

How many Darna movie incarnates are there? Believe it or not... there are 14 Darna movies since 1951! Very interesting stuff!

The first Darna movie "Darna" was directed by Fernando Poe Sr!

Rosa Del Rosario was the first actress to play Darna.

Ate Vi played the role, four times! Whew!

And how many Captain Barbel movies are there compared to Darna's 14? Only 4 mga kapaid Captail Barbel movies!

And so, in the tradition of Darna, we have ZsaZsa Zaturnah! I have hopes fot the Philippins and believe it or not, ZsaZsa is proof that we are truly a progressive society.

I love this hero! Of course, being a true faghag really endeared Ada to my psyche. The story is so funny! And com…