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A man in a womyn's life

There are times like today when you want to give it all... to show it all... to make everyone be aware of who you really are... but norms are norms. And I think that I am not totally that immersed in that lifestyle. Oh well... i have to stop with these ramblings and think of the now...

I have been love many times that I've lost count. I am the type of person who easily falls ... and almost always falls hard. This is the first time that someone had an interest in me; more than ordinary friendship and it may turn into something. But,... there's this big BUT.... what if he can't accept the side that I have been hiding... the wild me; who I let out from time to time. The womyn in me.

Oh I guess, if it's meant to be.. it will happen ... without me doing anything. If it's fate then I must have faith that everything will be fine.

The Top 10 Ways to Have More of What You Want in LifeTo have more, we must be more of who we are. Easier said than done? The secret is in the doing; none of it matters until we do something about it. Start somewhere! anywhere! ask if the action is self-serving or serving the self, then go!
1. Become aware.
Wake up! Look! Discover what it is you want/lack (no shoulds or oughts). Your journey begins once you open your heart's eyes and see.
2. Live your passion.
3. Take action.
Show up. Choose. Do something. Until you act, your dreams and wants are only a conversation. Once you act, 'everything' changes.
4. Make a plan.
Begin with where you want to be, then work backward to where you are to find your starting place. By asking yourself, What can I do tomorrow? you will take the first step forward.
5. Have a friend who will act as your COACH!This person will support, challenge, and encourage you unconditionally. Your coach will help you be accountable to yourself withou…
Hurray for Will and Grace CD - Coming out Soon!

Finally, the soundtrack of Will and Grace will be OUT in a couple of days! It has already been released in the US last Sept 14 and it will just be a few days before it will hit the local shores! Been downloading and listening to some of the sample clips and it promises to be a good buy! Can't help but put !!!s all over the place for I am very happy! (there goes one again).

I heard one good song "Living with Grace," sang by Will. This song was composed by no other than the Queen of sentimental songs (in my opinion) - Barry Manilow and of course Eric Mc Cormarck (wish I got his name right). It also will showcased songs by the Demigods of homo-kingdom -- Cher, Elton John, etc. This is going to be something funky! I can't wait to buy my own copy! A CD copy no less!

I am also waiting for the soundtrack of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Gosh... so people GO and support our GAY brothers and sisters in Christ!
For that special person...

There isn't a day that passes in my life when I don't think about you,
what you're going to be like, what will our life be,
i just wish that you realize that i could be good for you,
and you might be the one i have been looking for, all this time....

Just give me a chance...
Direction in Life? Lack thereof?

I will be turning 26 in a few weeks, and well, that didn’t come easy, the age I mean. I have to compute my age mentally. Unlike when I was younger when I can automatically answer the correct chronological age to anyone who will inquire. So…. here I am at 25.778. I was taken aback when my friend asked me what my life's vision is. To put his mind at ease, I just told him the easy answer, a good life for me and my family. But I have this nagging fear in me.... there seems to be something missing...

I’ve read in another blog, some of the lessons the writer learned and I guess it’s time to make my own list – a list of how I am and what I’ve learned. This may sound egotistical but I guess by putting this on my blog, I can know myself better and maybe provide a fresh perspective on where my life is heading.

1. I am who I am – but I could be who you want me to be.
This may sound cliché. But somehow, I have accepted that being a Libran (there goes again my …
Out and Proud

There is this new show in local television called “Out”. It’s the first gay-oriented show on Philippine TV. It is hosted by three wonderful people, two gay guys – JM (a newbie who just recently went out of the closet), Jigz (a cool gay guy who has been out and proud for a long time) and Avi (the bisexual woman who exudes sexuality and warmth, who by the way is the antithesis of what we perceive of in a wowyn). Last week I watched the pilot episode and I was greatly fascinated by the show. For one, it was a very brave move on the part of the network’s management to air this type of show in a predominantly Catholic and conservative country; second – it’s about time that the gay community are heard and featured – their successes, dreams and frustrations.

In that first episode, it showed how the three hosts went out and announced to the whole country who they truly are. JM was the lola crayola of the lot, who went out and talked to his sister about his closeted feelings and t…
Life in the future....

I don't know what it is about Mondays, but as I dragged myself out of bed, I begin to realize that, "I am to old for this...". I thought that I can't imagine myself doing my job until I grow old. Maybe, until my mid 30s. After that, I don't know, but I imagine myself living another life.

I dream of a farm, somewhere in Tagaytay, where there are lots of flowers and trees. I will be a farmer, gardener, animal caretaker all rolled in one. It will be an organic farm, we will not use pesticides or anything that will harm the environment. There will be lots of chickens,,, definitely lots of chickens. Horses, oh I like to have atleast one pair of horses.

There will be lots of people in the place, people who like to be with each other. Kidding around while they work. Play and work, all mixed into one. After lunch, while the sun is hot, I will be lazing around the hammock reading a very good book. There will be someone who I will discuss the book wi…