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MMFF 2009

It has been a long standing tradition in my family to watch MMFF movies on Christmas day. I think it started when we were staying in Meycauayan and SM North Edsa was just an FX away. I think it was something I looked forward to even if my mind goes catatonic for atleast 2 hours.

A winning formula for an MMFF blockbuster is to make it appeal to the whole family. Imagine the math, if it's a drama, non-family oriented film, you'll get atmost 2 people to join per household. But if it's for the whole family (given that it's a holiday) you'll get atleast 4 people per household. And how many Pinoy households do we have these days? That's why I scratch my head when I learned that I love you... goodbye was Star Cinema's entry to MMFF 2009.

It was a movie that should have been shown on Valentines day. It certainly is not for the whole family with all of the lovey-doey on screen. Que horror, children and homo people close your eyes! Well, I think gay peopl…
On being more specific...and the future of generation X and Y

As I remember my end of 2008 entry, I realized the my goal then is to go to a desert. But I think my visioning wasn't that specific, I ended up inside the Dubai Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Brazil. I didn't specify that I should be outside, actually seeing the desert. hahaha.. :) Moving forward, I have to be more specific in my goals!


Everything has been said about 2009.... the disasters, the deaths and the recession... maybe it's a prologue to 2012. Now, I am not saying that 2012 will be the end of everything but maybe 2012 will bring about a major change in humanity's history. I am not removing aliens visiting us and making a bonggacious introduction! My Star Trek fantasy will come true! And I don't have to wait two or three lifetimes!

The year 2010 will be about coming face to face with our mortality. It has been observed that people nowadays are more conscious about their healt…
Hindi lahat ng tibo ay macho...

I am listening to a friend's podcast (free advertising toh Maica ha). -
Rainbow Rights Project

I remembered a conversation that I had with my cube mate. "Kung napanganak ka next lifetime, gusto niyo siguro maging lalake noh?" I looked at her and said, "No, happy naman ako sa pagiging babae ko, yun lang nga, babae din gusto ko.."

It's a common misconception I think about gay people that we want to be biologically changed to the opposite gender. The LGBT group is so diverse that you cannot box the homosexual identity. Ano ber, sa dami dami ng bakla at lesbiana sa paligid, maiisip mo ba na may sub-species within the major blue-blooded family?

We just have to be more open and accepting of other people's sexual preference and it helps to listen to this show to get the perspective of gay or lesbian people. And, gosh, gusto atang mag-guest sa show ni Maica! hahaha.. ehem.. hahaha..

Amen? Amen!